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NHL Rookie's Record Debut Brings Mom to Tears

Matthews enters record books 40 minutes into career

(Newser) - Auston Matthews made a stunning debut for the Toronto Maple Leafs Wednesday night, scoring four goals—a record for a rookie in his first NHL game. The Score reports that the 19-year-old American's parents were in the stands for the game against the Ottawa Senators. His proud mom was... More »

Strasburg Exceeds Hype With 14Ks

It might be the greatest debut of all time

(Newser) - Drew Storen said it best: “He’s the only guy in baseball who lives up to all the stories you hear.” And, oh the stories they told. Stephen Strasburg made his major league debut touted as the greatest pitching prospect of all time—a “folk hero with... More »

5 Things Obama Has Done Right (or Better Than You Thought)

...and 5 failures bigger than you realize

(Newser) - Obama clearly ran a successful campaign—but what kind of a job did he do running the country in his first year at the helm? While the president "has not been overmatched, he has not yet mastered the role either," Mark Halperin writes in Time . Some things he's... More »

Sotomayor's a Rookie Again

(Newser) - After 17 years as a federal judge, Sotomayor knows her way around a courthouse. But her new workplace is filled with quirky customs and rituals and questions about how to fit in. When do you speak up? How do you find your way around a building torn apart by renovation?... More »

Having Top NFL Draft Pick Is Now 'Lead Necklace'

(Newser) - As far as usefulness and entertainment value, Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports, the NFL draft, which begins Saturday “is dead.” Inflated rookie contracts mean the worst teams have the privilege of paying exorbitant fees for unproven players. Take the Lions, 0-16 last season. Their “reward for... More »

5 Stories