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Experts Blast Clone Doc's Claims, Credibility, Ethics

Zavos' claim to have implanted human clones scorned by fertility experts

(Newser) - A fertility doctor who claims to have implanted cloned human embryos into several women is being denounced as an unscrupulous publicity hound by leading figures in his field, the Independent reports. Panayiotis Zavos has failed to make his work available for review by his peers, the experts charge, and his... More »

US Doc Boasts He Implanted 11 Human Clones

'The cloned child is coming,' says controversial physician

(Newser) - A controversial American fertility doctor is boasting that he cloned 14 human embryos and implanted 11 of them them into women, reports the Independent. None of the tranfers led to a viable pregnancy. A documentary filmmaker recorded the procedures involving four women who had hoped to become the first mothers... More »

2 Stories