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Wall Street Journal Delivers Blistering Trump Editorial

He clings to wiretapping story 'like a drunk to an empty gin bottle'

(Newser) - President Trump is known to bristle at criticism. Plus, he happens to be a teetotaler. Which makes a scathing new editorial in the Wall Street Journal likely to be one of his least favorite bits of presidential commentary yet. In the piece, the editors say Trump is seriously damaging his... More »

Hipster Beer PBR Cruises in Recession

Downmarket brew's sales skyrocket as usual suspects flounder

(Newser) - Pabst Blue Ribbon has profited from a hipster following for years because of its unpretentious image and low-profile marketing, so it makes sense that even a recession hasn’t dimmed the brand’s power. Sales are up 30% for the year ending in October, trouncing beer’s overall 1.1%... More »

New Software Judges Blog Credibility

(Newser) - Software that would automatically rate the credibility of blogs on a scale from highly credible to “little credible” is in the works in Austria, Ars Technica reports. The program analyzes the distribution of words in successive blog posts and also compares topics against stories covered in the mainstream media... More »

3 Stories