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Congressman Steve Scalise Is Shot in Virginia

House majority whip's injury not life-threatening; 5 shot, including gunman

(Newser) - Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the GOP House majority whip, has been shot while at baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., reports Fox News . He is expected to survive, and the gunman is in custody. Police say a total of five people were wounded, with the other four believed to be... More »

Cops: Teacher's Shooter May Be Serial Killer

Possible victims include transportation official, sheriff's wife

(Newser) - Ballistic testing has bolstered the theory that the mysterious man who shot and killed Virginia music teacher Ruthanne Lodato might be a serial killer, Alexandria police announced at a press conference yesterday. Lodato's murder was similar to the murders of Ronald Kirby, who was killed in November, and real... More »

Killer on Loose in Virginia After Mysterious Shooting

Man shoots music teacher, caregiver

(Newser) - A manhunt is currently underway in Alexandria, Virginia, for a man who shot two women—whom he apparently didn't know—in broad daylight. A balding, gray-bearded man in a suit knocked on a door at 11:30am yesterday, witnesses told police. When 59-year-old music teacher Ruthanne Lodato opened the... More »

Morsi's Power Grab Sparks Protests, Fires

Clashes erupt among tens of thousands of demonstrators

(Newser) - At least 16 people have been hurt as tens of thousands protest Mohamed Morsi's assumption of new powers in Egypt. Responding to the Egyptian leader's self-proclaimed immunity to judicial review, demonstrations broke out in Cairo and across the country, Bloomberg reports; protesters set fire to Muslim Brotherhood political... More »

Ancient City Lined Up With Sun on King's Birthday

Ancient Alexandria's main road built for the effect, say archaeologists

(Newser) - Alexander the Great got quite the birthday present every year, archaeologists say. They think the main road from ancient Alexandria aligned perfectly with the sun on that day, reports LiveScience . The theory, backed up by computer simulations of the sun's position in the 4th century, would explain why the... More »

Feds Watched Would-Be DC Bomber for a Year

Details emerge in case of Amine El Khalifi

(Newser) - The FBI is keeping quiet about the 29-year-old Moroccan-born man who tried to bomb Washington on Friday, but details about Amine El Khalifi and his plan are beginning to seep out, reports the AP . The FBI believes El Khalifi was acting alone and was not affiliated with al-Qaeda. He came... More »

Egypt Discovers Ancient Cat God Temple

Queen's site had lots of statues dedicated to the feline goddess Bastet

(Newser) - Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old temple that appears to have been dedicated to the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet. The team unearthed a large collection of statues depicting Bastet, suggesting that worship of the feline goddess continued longer than previously thought. The temple belonged to Queen Berenike, the wife of... More »

Va. Repairman Swiped $170K From Meters

William Fell made off with a sixth of city's total meter revenue

(Newser) - A repairman stole $170,000 in coins from parking meters in Alexandria, Va., during the past 12 months, the Washington Post reports. William Fell, 61, looted meters in the early hours of the morning before his maintenance shifts, police say. Wary of depositing his ill-gotten gains, Fell kept the coins... More »

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