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Boston Mayor: Sorry I Said I'd Blow Up Detroit

Menino apologizes after Detroit mayor takes offense

(Newser) - Detroit's a little touchy these days , as Boston Mayor Tom Menino has found out. Menino apologized yesterday for his "poor choice of words" while offering a little constructive criticism about the bankrupt city, reports CBS News . The flap began when Menino told the New York Times magazine that... More »

Detroit Mayor: We'll 'Have to Make the Best of It'

After city files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

(Newser) - The emergency manager who filed Detroit's historic bankruptcy today says residents don't have to worry about basic services getting cut in the interim, reports WXYZ . "Nothing changes from the standpoint of the average citizen's perspective," says Kevyn Orr. At a joint news conference, Mayor Dave... More »

Michigan Governor to Declare Detroit Emergency

Announcement expected at noon today

(Newser) - Ah, Detroit—it's miserable , murderous , and, as of noon local time today, likely officially in a state of financial emergency. Per Mayor Dave Bing, Gov. Rick Snyder is set to declare that emergency today, which is expected to result in Snyder appointing a financial manager who will seize hold... More »

Detroit Mayor Slashes City Workers' Pay By 10%

Mayor slashes checks 10%, cuts health benefits

(Newser) - Another tangible sign of Detroit's bleak finances: The mayor today said the city's unionized workers must take a 10% pay cut along with reduced health care benefits, reports the Detroit Free Press . The unions promise a court fight, but Dave Bing says the in-the-red city has no choice... More »

Half of Detroit's Streetlights May Go Dark

Mayor wants to nudge people to move to better areas

(Newser) - Detroit's population has shrunk 60% since 1950, and officials say it's time to condense the city. They're taking a simple approach: Light the areas where they want folks to live. Mayor Dave Bing wants to cut the number of streetlights nearly in half, from 88,000 to... More »

Michigan May Take Over Detroit

Governor may appoint emergency manager

(Newser) - If Detroit can't get its finances in order soon, it may become the biggest American city ever to be taken over by a state. Rick Snyder, Michigan's Republican governor, has appointed a team to review the city's finances. If members conclude that the situation constitutes an emergency,... More »

Don't Whine About the Census, Detroit: Embrace It

Two op-eds: The city can get better even as it gets smaller

(Newser) - Detroit's staggering population loss over the last decade— some 237,500 people —has city politicians predictably calling for a census recount, but two opinion pieces think it's a waste of time. Better to focus on the new, smaller Detroit:
  • Detroit Free Press editorial: "The important thing now is
... More »

Detroit to Sell Homes to Cops for $1K

Mayor David Bing pushing to get officers within city limits

(Newser) - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has long leaned on the city’s police and firefighters to live inside the city limits—at least 53% commute in from the suburbs—and now he’s doing something to entice them. He’s introduced a new pilot program, dubbed “Project 14,” that... More »

Battered Detroit Plans to Raze 25% of City

Mayor sees shrinking city as way to close massive deficit

(Newser) - Battered Detroit wouldn’t have to struggle to pay for services in the vast areas of the city that are essentially abandoned if they didn’t exist—so it’s going to bulldoze them. Mayor Dave Bing did the calculus on a $300 million budget deficit and the 33,500... More »

Former NBA Star Bing Wins Detroit Mayor's Race

He replaces disgraced Kilpatrick

(Newser) - Businessman and professional basketball Hall-of-Famer Dave Bing has been elected Detroit's newest mayor and will serve through the end of the year. The 65-year-old Detroit Pistons great defeated incumbent and fellow Democrat Ken Cockrel Jr. today in a special runoff election, 52.3% to 47.7%. More »

Detroit Mayoral Race Looks Like NBA Reunion

(Newser) - NBA Hall of Famer Dave Bing, who’s running for mayor of Detroit, is turning to the political branch of the “NBA family” for support, the Detroit News reports. Former senator and presidential candidate Bill Bradley will appear next week with retired Suns point guard Kevin Johnson, now the... More »

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