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GOP Becoming a Party of 'Crackpots'

A good man goes down because he doesn't hate Obama enough

(Newser) - The Republican Party, once a great, intelligent institution, has been “hijacked by hustlers and extremists” out to destroy not only President Obama, but many in its own ranks, writes Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News . Lupica is furious over South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis’ primary loss to... More »

Nikki Haley Easily Wins GOP Runoff

She's poised to become S. Carolina's first female governor

(Newser) - Nikki Haley handily won the Republican nomination for governor last night in South Carolina. The runoff victory moves her an important step closer to becoming the first female governor in the conservative-leaning state. She brushed aside allegations of marital infidelity and an ethnic slur to come within a percentage point... More »

Nikki Haley Race Heads to Runoff

She's the top vote-getter in SC governor's primary

(Newser) - Nikki Haley easily survived the whiff of scandal tonight in her first step toward becoming South Carolina's first female governor. With nearly all the votes counted, Haley held a double-digit lead over her Republican primary opponents, though she is just short of the 50% mark needed to avoid a runoff,... More »

Clinton: Cheney Not a 'Particularly Reliable Source'

(Newser) - No love lost between Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney. Asked today on Capitol Hill about Cheney’s request to declassify information related to the interrogation memos, Clinton responded, “It won’t surprise you that I don’t consider him a particularly reliable source,” the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

4 Stories