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Donald Conducted Illegal Business in Cuba: Newsweek

Report says Trump's secret business venture in Havana in late '90s broke trade embargo

(Newser) - First Kurt Eichenwald dove into Donald Trump's business ties abroad . Now, in a new éxposé for Newsweek , the writer reveals Trump's company secretly conducted business in Cuba in the late '90s, even though such dealings were illegal under the American trade embargo. Based on interviews with... More »

Iran Shipping More Weapons to Assad

Meanwhile, French official says they want to arm opposition

(Newser) - Iran has drastically increased its arms shipments to Syria in recent months, sending weapons to Bashar al-Assad's regime, and to its Hezbollah supporters, in what is increasingly becoming a Shiite-vs-Sunni conflict, Western diplomats tell Reuters . The weapons are flowing primarily through Iraq—despite Iraqi protestations to the contrary—but... More »

Embargo Bleeds Iran of $133M a Day

As Obama takes that political capital to the bank

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's country is missing out on some $133 million a day as much of the globe shuns its oil, and Barack Obama is making bank on it. As Bloomberg reports, the US-led embargo on Tehran's oil has proven devastatingly effective since it began July 1, dropping the... More »

Biden Demands Twitter Embargo

Veep doesn't want press talking about comments until conference over

(Newser) - Veep Joe Biden has added an unusual new embargo for his on-the-record press calls: No publishing anything about the call until it's over, reports Politico . Call it a reaction to the Twitter age, as reporters increasingly try to get out information as it is happening. The White House apparently... More »

Iran's Secret Oil-Smuggling Ally: Tuvalu

US accuses Tuvalu of reflagging Iranian ships to avoid embargo

(Newser) - Swamped with unsellable oil thanks to an ever-tightening embargo, Iran has found an unlikely ally—the tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, which has been helping Tehran reflag its oil tankers, reports Reuters . Up to 22 ships owned by the National Iranian Tanker Company have been registered in Tuvalu,... More »

Iran: Hey, Wanna See Oil Hit $150 a Barrel?

Tehran says EU's embargo will spike global prices

(Newser) - Iran is getting ready to vote today on banning oil sales to the EU —you know, before the EU can enact an embargo on aforementioned oil —and Tehran is engaging in some typical sabre-rattling, with the head of Iran's state oil company predicting global crude prices will... More »

EU Rolls Out Embargo on Iran Oil

May also freeze central bank's assets

(Newser) - The European Union today rolled out its embargo of Iranian oil, adopting the measure as what Britain's foreign secretary called "an unprecedented set of sanctions" designed to crack down on the country's nascent nuclear program. Existing contracts for crude oil and petroleum will be honored until July,... More »

Iran to OPEC: Don't Grab Our Oil Sales

Saudis ready to boost production, but say unrelated to embargo

(Newser) - With the West about to increase sanctions on Iran to include oil sales abroad, Tehran is warning its Arab neighbors not to make a buck off of that embargo, reports the AP . Any Arab nation that raises its oil output will be an "accomplice in the consequences," warned... More »

New Pain for Iran: Japan Jumps Aboard Embargo

Meanwhile, the US sends two new aircraft carriers to the Arabian Sea

(Newser) - It looks like things are about to get a little bit more uncomfortable for Iran: Japan today agreed to align itself with Washington and reduce the amount of oil it imports from Iran. Japan is extremely dependent on foreign fuel, and currently gets about 10% of its oil from Iran;... More »

Ship Begins Laying Venezuela-Cuba Cable

Cuba to gain its first fiber-optics line

(Newser) - Cubans will soon find it a lot easier to reach out and touch someone: US sanctions had left the island nation the only country in the Western Hemisphere not linked to the outside world by fiber optics, but a ship has now arrived in Venezuela to begin laying fiber optic... More »

China Ends Rare Earth Minerals Embargo

Hillary Clinton calls the halted shipments a 'wake-up call'

(Newser) - China has resumed its shipment of rare earth minerals to the United States, after cutting us off early last week, the New York Times reports. Shipments to Japan, which have been suspended since September due to disputes involving the arrest of Chinese fishermen, also resumed, though they are facing some... More »

UN Issues Fresh Call to End Cuba Embargo

Resolution passes for 19th year in a row

(Newser) - The United Nations has, for the 19th year in a row, passed a resolution to drop its longstanding economic embargo against Cuba. The resolution, once again, passed by an overwhelming majority, with 187 nations voting in favor of it and only the US and Israel voting against it, CNN reports.... More »

UAE Seizes Ship Bringing N. Korean Arms to Iran

Shipment violates UN ban on weapons exports from Pyongyang

(Newser) - Authorities in the United Arab Emirates today seized a ship carrying weapons from North Korea to Iran, the Financial Times reports—a violation of United Nations resolutions barring Pyongyang from exporting arms. The shipment was headed for a company linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which has previously been banned... More »

What Embargo? HP Printers Find Their Way to Iran

Company skirts US law with help from overseas distributor

(Newser) - HP printers have become top-sellers in Tehran, despite a 13-year embargo against US companies doing business with Iran, the Boston Globe reports. An Indian-owned distributor sells HP products in Iran, enabling it to skirt American law. But questions remain: If HP execs cut the deal with Redington Gulf knowing their... More »

McCain Blasts Obama for Saying He'd Talk to Cuba

Dodd, Richardson strike back, criticize Republicans' hard-line approach

(Newser) - John McCain told Miami’s Cuban community today that Barack Obama would “give hope” to the Havana regime by sitting down with Raul Castro without preconditions, prompting a response from Bill Richardson that McCain was “afraid to talk to bad guys.” Speaking on Cuban Independence Day, the... More »

UN Aid to Gaza Blocked by Israeli Embargo

Negotiations fall apart after Libyan compares Strip to Nazi camp

(Newser) - The United Nations announced today that it will have to suspend its humanitarian aid program in the Gaza Strip because of the Israeli fuel blockade. The UN can't distribute food or collect sewage in the Hamas-controlled territory now that its fuel supply has run out. A Security Council meeting was... More »

US Official: Embargo Kept Cuba From Meddling

Policy starved Castro's military of funds

(Newser) - The decades-old US trade embargo against Cuba has been "an absolute and resounding success," the Cuban-born US commerce secretary said today. Carlos Gutierrez told a Latin America conference that the policy has stopped the island's communist government from orchestrating military attacks. But the embargo, in place since 1962,... More »

Raul Castro Assumes Spotlight

Dictator's brother fills in at annual rite, rapping US, Bush

(Newser) - Fidel Castro did not give his usual sermon at Cuba's annual Revolution Day celebration today; instead, his brother Raul took center stage. The no-longer-quite-so-interim leader, who assumed power a year ago because of his brother's health problems, told a cheering crowd that he's willing to negotiate with the US after... More »

Iran Erupts Over Gas Rationing

Leaders fear West will cut fuel imports

(Newser) - Angry Iranians torched Tehran gas stations yesterday and smashed windows as protests against gas rationing turned violent, the BBC reports. Motorists formed huge lines to fill  tanks before new laws took effect limiting Iranians to 26 gallons of gas a month. Despite its oil reserves, Iran is short of refining... More »

US, EU to Renew Palestinian Aid

End of embargoes bolsters Hamas-led emergency government

(Newser) - The US and the EU demonstrated support for the emergency Palestinian government today through separate pledges to lift economic embargoes and renew aid to the Palestinian Authority. The promises follow Mahmoud Abbas' establishment of a pro-peace cabinet without members of Hamas, putting the US in the curious position of supporting... More »

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