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No Experience or Degree? You're Hired

'Wall Street Journal' sees looser hiring standards amid low unemployment

(Newser) - It's a job-seekers' market, apparently. With unemployment low , the Wall Street Journal reports that employers in a wide range of fields around the US are loosening up on job requirements in order to fill positions. For those without a college degree or experience in a particular field, it means... More »

Study Proves No One Wants to Hear About Your Vacation

And trying to dish about it could leave you feeling worse

(Newser) - You've just gone on a wonderful vacation, and now you want to tell your friends all about it. But a new study in Psychological Science finds that doing just that could actually end up making you feel bad. Essentially, researchers found that people would rather talk about an ordinary... More »

'Awe Therapy' Can Ease Our Hurried Minds

The Northern Lights or Grand Canyon can 'make us nicer'

(Newser) - Awwwesome. Say it enough, and your health improves—at least according to those who believe in "awe therapy." Researchers at Stanford University say that people who have "awesome" experiences, like seeing the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights, get fixed on the present moment and feel time... More »

Forget Youth; We Need 'Old and August' Leaders

The world stage is sadly lacking in experience

(Newser) - You know what the world's problem is? All these darn kids running countries, writes Peggy Noonan. People "miss old and august," she writes at the Wall Street Journal , ticking off the list of leaders in their 40s and 50s in this country and others. "They miss wise... More »

Sullenberger: Airline Cuts Invite Risks

(Newser) - Hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger told Congress today that cost-cutting by carriers is forcing experienced colleagues out of jobs, to the detriment of safety in the skies, the Chicago Tribune reports. “We will see negative consequences to the flying public,” the US Airways captain said. Sullenberger himself... More »

Obama Is Acting Like an Amateur—or a Candidate

Lack of experience might matter after all

(Newser) - The stuttering start of Barack Obama’s presidency has been a regular amateur hour, writes Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post. He’s failed to assert his authority on the stimulus, apologized for other people’s tax mistakes, and even held bizarre campaign-like events in Indiana and Florida. “Absent... More »

Obama Cabinet Picks: Seasoned and Centrist

Obama goes for pragmatism over ideology: NY Times

(Newser) - Barack Obama swept into office on a wave of left-wing support, but his appointments thus far point to a centrist governing style, writes David E. Sanger in the New York Times. In choosing Hillary Clinton for secretary of state and Timothy Geithner for Treasury, Obama seems ready to “govern... More »

Palin's Schedule Shows Minimal Time for Foreign Policy Meetings

12 hours during 19 months as Alaska gov.

(Newser) - Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin might be able to see Russia from her home state, but her actual foreign policy experience boils down to about 20 meetings and just 12 hours, according to the governor’s official calendar obtained by Mother Jones. Most of the Alaska governor’s interactions with... More »

Palin Is No More Ready Than W. Was: Brooks

Current prez has shown consequences of ignoring experience

(Newser) - The fact that she horrifies liberal elites, however delicious, isn't enough to make Sarah Palin a good candidate for VP, writes David Brooks in the New York Times. Success in government “requires prudence,” which comes from experience. Palin thrills supporters with the “fear, hatred and panic” she... More »

Palin Approval Runs Along Partisan Lines

Poll: VP pick creates sharp divides, making overall impact a wash

(Newser) - About half of the public had a favorable first impression of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and that half consists primarily of Republicans, a new ABC News poll finds. This not-so-shocking divide mirrors the numbers on Joe Biden: his candidacy makes 22% of people more likely to support the Obama ticket... More »

Clinton, Obama Both Inflate Senate Records

From laws to peace deals, candidates' roles appear to grow in hindsight

(Newser) - Barack Obama didn’t take part in meetings on immigration legislation in 2006, recalls Arlen Specter, one of the handful of senators who did, but Specter just shrugs when the Illinois Democrat says he did. “It’s not an unusual matter for senators to take a little extra credit,... More »

How Obama Can Trump the Experience Card

With judgment, that's how, says Slate

(Newser) - The root of last week's Obama/Clinton spat, writes John Dickerson in Slate, is the Achilles heel of the Obama campaign: She trounces him in experience. Standing next to her seems to make hiim look callow, and she used the opportunity to rub it in. Only 30% of Americans think his... More »

Consumer Financial Savvy Peaks at 53

Data shows the age of 53 is sweet spot for financial savvy

(Newser) - Middle aged consumers make better decisions—and fewer mistakes—than their younger and older counterparts.  A study of  thousands of credit card and home and car loan documents shows that they are the most  likely to get the lowest interest rate available  and the least likely to pay unnecessary... More »

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