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He Wanted a New Car. Insurance Was Steep. He Had a Plan.

Canadian driver applied for gender status change on paperwork to cut his premium rates

(Newser) - "I'm a man, 100%. Legally, I'm a woman," a Canadian man boasts to the CBC in explaining how he "beat the system" to save $900 a year on his car insurance. How "David" of Alberta (who requested anonymity) did it: He got a doctor'... More »

Aflac Workers Cry Foul on Company's Practices

They allege widespread, companywide abuse and fraud—including charging workers for stuffed ducks

(Newser) - It has boasted about being called one of the world's most ethical companies, but based on what nine ex-Aflac employees are saying, the insurance company known for its annoying-sounding duck (once voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) may be anything but. The Intercept talked to the former workers, and current ones,... More »

Teen to Aetna After Brain Surgery Denied: 'Screw You'

Parents of girl wracked by seizures now trying to come up with $300K on their own

(Newser) - When Cara Pressman gets seizures, she describes it as "like having a nightmare but while you're awake," giving her the chills and the shakes and causing her to zone out for up to two minutes. So the 15-year-old, who a release says is from New York and... More »

Wife's Murder-for-Money Plot Backfires After Major Oversight

Uloma Curry-Walker wasn't the beneficiary on husband's life insurance policy

(Newser) - An Ohio woman who'd been married for just four months before her husband died was found guilty of his murder Friday, and she could get life in prison without parole for her crime, the AP reports. Uloma Curry-Walker, 45, was convicted of aggravated murder, conspiracy, and other charges surrounding... More »

If He Crashed 12 Hours Earlier, He Wouldn't Face Bankruptcy

Adam Bari got just a fraction of the compensation he would have the day before

(Newser) - They say timing is everything. That seems to be distinctly, horribly true in the case of Adam Bari. The 34-year-old Canadian man was riding his motorcycle June 1 when he was T-boned by a car, CBC reports. Bari's family is now facing the possibility of bankruptcy, but that wouldn'... More »

Family in Fear After Home Hit 9 Times by Cars

The Nobles have lived in the house since 1971 and say people seem to be driving faster now

(Newser) - For one Canadian family, enough is enough. The house they've lived in since 1971 has been hit by a car at least nine times—six since the early '90s, though retiree Maureen Noble tells CTV News , "You kind of lose track after awhile." They live close... More »

ObamaCare Drives Insured Americans Above 90%

It's an all-time high

(Newser) - For the first time ever, fewer than 10% of Americans lack health insurance, according to data released Tuesday by the CDC. And CNBC calls that "a clear sign of ObamaCare's impact." In 2015, only 9.1% of Americans—about 28.6 million people—were uninsured. That's... More »

Cosby Wants Home Insurance to Cover Legal Costs

AIG is fighting him on his 'personal injury' claims for defamation lawsuits

(Newser) - Why anyone other than Bill Cosby should care about Bill Cosby's homeowners insurance may at first seem a mystery. But the beleaguered comedian is apparently taking advantage of the personal injury coverage linked to his AIG policy to deflect his growing legal costs as he fights the defamation suits... More »

Nickelback Frontman Sued By Own Insurance Company

Lloyd's of London sues to cancel band's insurance policy

(Newser) - After Nickelback was forced to cancel more than 60 summer concerts due to a cyst on lead singer Chad Kroeger's vocal cords, Kroeger filed a $13 million claim with the band's insurance company to cover the losses. But Lloyd's of London is now suing Kroeger, claiming the... More »

Taylor Swift's Cat Could Be Out $40M

Great work, Meredith

(Newser) - Taylor Swift has legs, you see. And amid reports last week that she'd insured them to the tune of $40 million, the "Shake It Off" singer took to Twitter last night to address the situation, tongue firmly in cheek and cat claw apparently having run afoul of aforementioned... More »

Sony Most Successful at ... Selling Insurance

Its devices are a money-losing operation

(Newser) - Walkman, Trinitron, PlayStation: In the US, we know Sony as a longtime player in the electronics world. But its electronics arm has lost $8.5 billion over the past decade, the New York Times reports. In fact, the driver of its current success is its insurance business, which doesn't... More »

12 Stars Who’ve Insured Body Parts

Heidi Klum's legs: $2.2M

(Newser) - When you're a celebrity, certain body parts may be a bit more valuable to you than they are to a normal person. So why not insure them? The Frisky rounds up a dozen stars who have done just that:
  • Troy Polamalu: The NFL star's famous hair landed him
... More »

Sinkhole a Big Headache for Florida Church

Church says it can't use building, but State Farm says there's 'no problem'

(Newser) - Florida has been hit with yet another suspected sinkhole —this one preventing a North Naples congregation from using a beloved church. "The floor in the main auditorium has sunk about four-and-a-half inches in one area," says the pastor at Faith Community Church. A landscaper has already tumbled... More »

Insurance Firm to Lance: We Want Our $7.5M

Armstrong got the money for winning six straight titles

(Newser) - Not only has Lance Armstrong lost his Tour de France titles , but he may owe $7.5 million. The company that insured a bonus for his run of consecutive Tour victories now wants its money back, saying Armstrong's alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs annuls their contract, ESPN reports. "... More »

Insurer to Woman: Pay to Fix Car That Killed Your Mom

Company sought $6K in vehicle repairs, then drops case

(Newser) - After a car fatally hit a 70-year-old pedestrian, the driver's insurance company sought payment to fix the vehicle—from the victim's daughter. Anna Cedeno, a recent cancer survivor, was walking to a bus stop when she was hit by a passing BMW, the New York Post reports. She... More »

Taxpayers on Hook for $10B as Drought Ravages Crops

Subsidized insurance program draws criticism

(Newser) - Crop farmers are on track to record about $18 billion in losses thanks to this year's historically nasty drought—and by one expert's estimate, the federal government is on the hook for about $10 billion of that, thanks to the heavily subsidized federal crop insurance program, the Washington ... More »

Gadgets Double Cost of Lightning Strikes

Strikes are down, but cost to replace high-tech items is up: study

(Newser) - Between 2004 and 2011, the total number of insurance claims paid out for lightning strikes dropped by one-third—so why, during the same time period, did the cost of those claims almost double? Simple: new gadgets that are susceptible to power surges. As TVs get more high-tech and computers or... More »

Dog Bites Cost $29K Each

State Farm alone paid out $109M in claims last year

(Newser) - Dog bites are costly things: The nation's insurers paid out about $479 million in claims in 2011, reports AP , which rounds up a hodge-podge of related nuggets:
  • State Farm alone paid $109 million to settle 3,800 dog bite claims in 2011, and both figures were up from 2010.
... More »

Could Iran Be Brought to Its Knees by ... Insurance?

European insurance sanction will be the toughest to dodge, Reuters says

(Newser) - Could the decisive blow in the West's struggle with Iran involve insurance salesmen? An upcoming European ban on providing maritime insurance for Iran's oil tankers may be the most vexing sanction Tehran has ever faced, experts tell Reuters . That's because 90% of the world's tanker insurance... More »

Obama to Get Crocodile Insurance

A gift from the fine people of Australia

(Newser) - Barack Obama will soon be free to wrestle alligators with peace of mind: Should tragedy befall him, Michelle and the girls will be provided for, by way of a $51,000 insurance payout. The new insurance policy—which covers crocodile attacks—will be presented to him tomorrow on his visit... More »

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