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Grisly Discovery Made in Waters off New Zealand

Six seals were decapitated

(Newser) - The bodies of six decapitated fur seal pups have been discovered in the waters off New Zealand’s South Island, the BBC reports. The country’s Department of Conservation is calling the incident “cruel and senseless.” A tour operator reportedly found the bodies on Monday. The animals’ heads... More »

'Your Daughter Was Supposed to Be Safe Here'

New Zealand leader addresses family of murdered tourist

(Newser) - New Zealand's prime minister made an emotional apology Monday to the family of a British tourist who was murdered in New Zealand. Grace Millane, 22, graduated from college and then started in Peru what was supposed to be a yearlong trip around the world. She traveled from there to... More »

Dozens of Stranded Whales, a 'Heartbreaking Decision'

More than 140 pilot whales die after being stranded on New Zealand's Stewart Island

(Newser) - A hiker on a New Zealand island stumbled upon a distressing sight this weekend: dozens of pilot whales, dead on the beach after getting stranded there. Per the Guardian , the nation's Department of Conservation fielded a call Saturday from the hiker, who'd been camping on secluded Stewart Island,... More »

Islands 'Creeping' Closer Together

New Zealand islands still unsettled after 2016 earthquake

(Newser) - New Zealanders are coming together this holiday season in more ways than one. A magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck two years ago initially brought the country's North and South Islands about 16 feet closer together, and the land masses have continued to close the gap. Scientists say the distance... More »

He Thought He Found a Doll in the Ocean. Then It 'Squeaked'

'Freakish miracle' as fisherman finds NZ toddler floating, saves him

(Newser) - New Zealand fisherman Gus Hutt says he plucked what he thought was a porcelain doll from the ocean—and then it made a noise. In an amazing stroke of luck, Hutt was there to rescue an 18-month-old boy who had escaped from his parents' tent at a holiday camp near... More »

Seal, Octopus, Kayaker Make for Riveting Footage

Kyle Mulinder got up close and personal with some marine life

(Newser) - Take that! We can only imagine that's what a seal was thinking when he slapped a kayaker in the face with an octopus over the weekend. Kyle Mulinder was kayaking off the coast of New Zealand's South Island with a group of GoPro content creators, Time reports, when... More »

Proposed Cat Ban To Save Birds Ruffles Feathers

"It's like a police state," laments a resident of the New Zealand village

(Newser) - Omaui, New Zealand? It's for the birds—that's the vision of some people, at least. To that end, officials have come up with a plan to ban cats, blamed for decimating native wildlife, in the coastal village, Newshub reports . John Collins, a major proponent of the plan, tells... More »

Police Said It Was Suicide. Then She Saw the Letter

How Lee-Anne Cartier revealed her brother's death was really murder

(Newser) - "We had nothing else to go on," Lee-Anne Cartier tells the BBC . Her brother, Phil Nisbet, was found dead in his truck in May 2009, and police pegged it as a suicide. A toxicology report revealed high levels of an antihistamine he was knowingly allergic to, and Cartier... More »

Thinking of Buying a NZ Home? Not So Fast

Country just passed law barring foreigners from buying houses there

(Newser) - New Zealand home prices are among the highest in the world , and it's finally had enough. The country's plan to make the real estate market more affordable for locals: Bar foreigners from buying homes there (with very few exceptions) in an attempt to drive the housing supply up.... More »

Texas Company Learned Man Was Stuck on This NZ Mountain

Terry Harch spent nearly a week on the frigid peak

(Newser) - A company in Texas got the alert earlier this week: One of its locator beacons had been set off—in New Zealand. It alerted the country's Rescue Co-ordination Centre, but three sub-zero nights passed before anyone was able to reach 29-year-old Terry Harch, a lieutenant with the Australian... More »

New Mom Goes Back to Work ... Running the Country

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern heads back to the office after 6-week maternity leave

(Newser) - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern underwent a very public pregnancy and endured some cringeworthy questions before giving birth to daughter Neve in June and beginning a much-discussed maternity leave . Now, six weeks later, Ardern is heading back to work, reports the Guardian , which she says she's "ready... More »

'Incensed' Girl Gets Country to Change 'Unfair' Road Signs

Zoe Carew, 7, says 'Linemen' is sexist; NZ transport group agrees to change to 'Line Crew'

(Newser) - The New Zealand Transport Agency has a new task at hand, and a 7-year-old girl to thank for the assignment. Zoe Carew was traveling to see her grandparents in Eastbourne when she noticed a "Linemen" sign along the side of the road indicating workers were dealing with power lines,... More »

New Zealand's Acting PM: Australia Needs New Flag

Winston Peters says Australia 'copied' the design

(Newser) - New Zealand's prime minister has been on maternity leave for little more than a month , and her acting PM is already picking a fight with Australia over the countries' very similar flags. "We had a flag that we've had for a long time, copied by Australia, and... More »

Trial of 4-Day Work Week Hailed as Huge Success

NZ's Perpetual Guardian might make it permanent

(Newser) - Roughly half of 240 employees of a New Zealand company felt they had a solid work-life balance as of November. By April, the figure had risen to 78%. The reason: Over March and April, they were paid for five eight-hour work days per week, but only required to show up... More »

Kim Dotcom Loses Latest Bid to Avoid Extradition to US

His lawyer plans Supreme Court appeal

(Newser) - Flamboyant Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his former colleagues have lost their latest bid to avoid extradition to the US to face criminal charges. New Zealand's Court of Appeal on Thursday upheld earlier court rulings that found the men were eligible to be handed over to US... More »

New Zealand's New First Kid Goes Home

PM Jacinda Ardern leaves hospital, begins first maternity leave by a global leader

(Newser) - Usually when global leaders check out of the hospital it's not in a car that says "Baby on Board," but New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is now only the second sitting leader to do so —along with partner Clarke Gayford and 3-day-old daughter —and the... More »

Kiwis to Matt Lauer: You Can Keep the Ranch ... for Now

New Zealand couldn't find enough evidence to bar Lauer from lease under 'good character' test

(Newser) - He may have lost his job and his reputation —but Matt Lauer gets to keep his Kiwi ranch, at least for the moment. The New York Times reports that the ex-Today show co-host, who's accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, can retain the lease on the Hunter... More »

In Hilarious Ad, Overlooked New Zealand Fights Back

Message aims to #GetNZontheMap, literally

(Newser) - Middle Earth may be fictional, but New Zealand is not. Still, people tend to forget about the country "tucked away down there," as Homer Simpson would say . The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is guilty. So, too, is Starbucks and the board game Risk, according to an amusing... More »

200K Mice Plagued the Islands. Amazingly, There Are Now None

A seeming victory for biodiversity on New Zealand's Antipodes Islands

(Newser) - A subantarctic archipelago is making "huge news": The New Zealand Herald reports there are officially no more mice on the country's Antipodes Islands, which once housed up to 200,000 of the rodents. They caused a big threat to the World Heritage Site by preying on native birds,... More »

Teen Fired Shot at Queen. NZ Reportedly Hushed It Up

Police open probe following claims of a 1981 cover-up

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth II's record 65-year reign would've come to an end almost four decades ago if a teenager's plot had gone off without a hitch. Documents from New Zealand's intelligence agency, obtained by Reuters , confirm for the first time that 17-year-old Christopher Lewis tried to assassinate... More »

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