Judith Nathan

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Mayor Rudy Hid Bills for Visits to Judy

Giuliani spread trip expenses among agencies: comptroller

(Newser) - Mayor Rudy Giuliani racked up huge bills for security details while visiting his mistress in the Hamptons, Politico reports, and then spread the bills—tens of thousands at a pop—around to obscure city agencies. When auditors questioned the allocations, the Giuliani camp did not respond, citing "security" reasons.... More »

Rudi Says Judi Could Sit In On Cabinet

Denies she broke up marriage number two, or estranged his son

(Newser) - "I couldn’t have a better adviser,” Rudy Giuliani gushed about his wife, Judith Nathan, on ABC's 20/20. He would encourage Nathan, a registered nurse and the third Mrs. Giuliani, to sit in on the occasional cabinet meeting and consult on policy in his administration, the GOP frontrunner... More »

2 Stories