Zebra finch

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In Hot Weather, Song Can Change an Unborn Finch

Chicks who hear it grow smaller, choose warmer nests: study

(Newser) - Several types of birds sing to unhatched eggs so their young will recognize their voices once they've hatched—but what the zebra finch does is something else entirely. In a study called "paradigm-shifting" by one of its authors, researchers at Australia's Deakin University say the birds sing... More »

Artist Has Birds Rocking at London Gallery

Public split on whether sound is avant garde or out of tune

(Newser) - Rock music has gone to the birds at a London art gallery—literally. An installation by French artist Celeste Boursier-Mougenot pairs 40 zebra finches with Les Paul electric guitar resting places and cymbal feeders, and invites visitors to hear the result. “What you hear could be an experimental rock... More »

Bird Culture Innate: Study

Isolated finches develop the same song over time

(Newser) - DNA may carry the blueprint for culture, a study of zebra finches has revealed. When raised in isolation, the birds' complex mating song—usually taught by male elders—develops into a harsh clamor. But as their offspring learn the song, they tweak it slightly and recreate the melody within a... More »

3 Stories