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Report: Enquirer Stashed Trump Stories in a Safe

They were moved before the inauguration, sources say

(Newser) - The National Enquirer kept a safe containing documents on hush money payments and other damaging stories it killed as part of its cozy relationship with Donald Trump leading up to the 2016 presidential election, people familiar with the arrangement tell the AP . The detail came amid reports that federal prosecutors... More »

Teri Hatcher Denies She's Broke and Homeless

Former 'Desperate Housewives' star stands up to tabloid

(Newser) - Teri Hatcher says she's standing up to tabloid bullies. The former Desperate Housewives actor denies that she's homeless, penniless, and living in a van, despite a report in Star magazine to that effect, People reports. "On the cover yesterday [Star magazine has] an article that says exactly... More »

Dr. Phil Sues Enquirer: I'm Not Abusive Hypocrite

McGraw and wife Robin are suing for $250M

(Newser) - "Dr. Phil" McGraw and the National Enquirer are lining up for a courtroom brawl after the television talk show host and his wife filed a $250 million lawsuit against the tabloid and its sister publications, charging that they falsely accused him of being an abusive husband and a hypocrite... More »

Jennifer Aniston Shames Tabloids in Blistering Essay

She's sick of their warped view of womanhood

(Newser) - Jennifer Aniston wants to put something on the record: She is not pregnant, and she's fed up with the tabloid media, its practices, and the cultural standards they represent. In a blistering Huffington Post blog post, the star says she is "fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and... More »

George Clooney: Shame on You, Daily Mail

Actor responds to fabricated article

(Newser) - The Daily Mail: so bad that George Clooney is actually responding to one of its articles. The story—which has since been taken down but is still excerpted on other sites including the New York Daily News —claimed that the mother of Clooney fiancée Amal Alamuddin objected to... More »

Uganda Tabloid Names 200 'Top' Homosexuals

List appears day after anti-gay law signed

(Newser) - Yesterday, Uganda's president made "aggravated homosexuality" punishable by life in prison ; today, a tabloid has printed a list of Ugandans it says are gay. The Red Pepper headline reads, "EXPOSED! Uganda's 200 Top Homos Named," per CNN . The AP adds that the list, which was... More »

UK Report Blasts Murdoch, Press for Wreaking 'Havoc'

Leveson report being watched with keen interest domestically

(Newser) - Lord Justice Brian Leveson's long-awaited report on the various scandals surrounding News of the World and other British tabloids finally hit today, and it absolutely savages Rupert Murdoch's newspapers and the British press in general. The press, Leveson writes, has "wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent... More »

McGinniss Book: Palin Had One-Night Stand, Used Coke

At least, according to the Enquirer 's sources

(Newser) - Never shy about trumpeting scoops from the mountaintops, the National Enquirer 's latest is, as usual, less than subtle: "WORLD EXCLUSIVE! SARAH PALIN BOMBSHELL BOOK SHOCKING CLAIMS!" Turns out the Enquirer says it has sources with information about Joe McGinniss' upcoming book on Palin , and they say... More »

Tabloids Are Important Part of Our Culture

They let us look behind the curtain: Ryan Linkof

(Newser) - Let's not get carried away with anti-tabloid fever just because News of the World broke laws to gain scoops, writes Ryan Linkof in the New York Times . Most tabloids get their stories legally—even if they do "test the limits of the ethically or legally acceptable"—and... More »

Ex-NOTW Reporter Describes Dirty Tricks

Editors invented Tyson cocaine orgy

(Newser) - The first, but almost certainly not the last, former News of the World reporter has come forward with stories of her time at the disgraced tabloid. The US-based journalist says that during her stint at the British paper, she was ordered to catch Mike Tyson in a cocaine orgy. Using... More »

Hugh Grant Schools Former NotW Editor

Actor to Paul McMullen: 'Try real journalism'

(Newser) - Hugh Grant was one of the victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and in a confrontation Mediaite calls "amazing," he slammed a former NotW editor yesterday on the BBC. Some background: Grant had a chance run-in with Paul McMullen last year, and McMullen told... More »

Ugandan Paper Prints Another Gay 'Hit List'

Tabloid publishes 10 addresses, alleged anatomical details

(Newser) - After calling for the hanging of 100 “top gays and lesbians” in Uganda—which spurred attacks on gays—a tabloid in the country has published another list, this time of 10 homosexuals, their addresses, and alleged details about their anatomy, CNN reports. The paper's 22-year-old editor says he discourages... More »

Enquirer Refused Masseuse Request for $1M

Al Gore accuser apparently still looking for a payday

(Newser) - Al Gore's masseuse/accuser tried to score a big payday from the National Enquirer, but the tabloid refused her request for $1 million, reports Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post . "No money changed hands," executive editor Barry Levine tells Kurtz. He said the Enquirer conducted only a quick interview... More »

The Tabloid Pic Stalling Wills' Engagement

But fear not: Wedding is apparently still on track

(Newser) - For all you rabid royal-watchers wondering why Prince William didn’t announce his engagement to Kate Middleton last week like Tina Brown said he would , she's got the story behind the delay over at the Daily Beast . Turns out Wills and Kate are having a bit of a tiff about... More »

Snobs Doomed Enquirer's Pulitzer Bid

Edwards exposé a shoo-in for glory—but not for tabloid

(Newser) - By any sane measure, the unmasking of John Edwards as a philanderer who knocked up his mistress while his wife battled cancer was one of the all-time great scoops—except in determining the winners of yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. "The media elite circled the wagons to exclude the... More »

Ex-Addict Lands Prince William Portrait Gig

Magazine cover, exhibit raise money for homelessness charity

(Newser) - The portrait of Prince William gracing the cover of an upcoming issue of Hello! is unusual for its candidness—and for having been taken by a recovering drug addict. In a project to benefit Crisis, the homeless charity that helped Jeff Hubbard learn his craft, the prince also got behind... More »

2007 Woods Cover-Up Exposed

Tiger Woods buried news of an affair with Mindy Lawton, sources say

(Newser) - A Men’s Fitness cover story on Tiger Woods in 2007 was actually a cover-up—a deal made to stop sister publication the National Enquirer from publishing a far more scandalous piece. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal Woods’ team made the deal after the Enquirer approached with pictures of... More »

Hot Rumor: Tiger's Cheating

Lots of web, tabloid smoke on this one

(Newser) - Low-level buzz on the Internet has it that Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife of 5 years, with Media Take Out reporting that the National Enquirer is going public with details of the golfer’s relationship with one Rachel Uchitel. Nothing online yet from the Enquirer , which, to remind... More »

HuffPo's New Faves: Nip Slips, Nude Pics

Once a political site, the Huffington Post turns NSFW for traffic

(Newser) - Though the Huffington Post is run by a liberal, feminist woman, it’s taken a misogynistic, traffic-grabbing turn of late. Take, for example, the gratuitous use of the word “whore” (headline count: three instances) and equally gratuitous shot of Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre in a recent story about... More »

Jon Made Up Abuse Allegations

Gosselin, desperate for money, told Hailey Glassman to badmouth him

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin’s quest for fame hit a new low with Hailey Glassman’s Insider interview—the octodad apparently invented Glassman’s claims of emotional abuse. “Jon and Hailey get paid for their appearances on these shows and they need the money,” a source tells Fox News , adding... More »

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