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Obama's NCAA Bracket Mirrors His Presidency

The underdog turns out not to like underdogs: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - President Obama released his NCAA bracket again this year and, ho hum, he's got two No. 1 seeds and two No. 2 seeds making the Final Four. Look back over previous years and you'll find pretty much the same thing, writes Steve Kornacki at Salon . Obama—the author... More »

Most Enjoyable Film Clichés

From the 'big speech' to the winning underdog, these tropes tickle

(Newser) - Sometimes clichés can ruin a movie. But for some Onion AV Club writers, a good one can't be beat. A sampling:
  • "The big speech scene": The idea that we can all be "eloquent enough to meet the demands of any moment, like Al Pacino in Scent of
... More »

Why Davids Win: They Ignore Goliath's Rules

(Newser) - When it comes to David vs. Goliath-style battles, the underdog’s secret weapon is always supreme effort, Malcolm Gladwell writes in the New Yorker. From that Biblical encounter to Lawrence of Arabia’s stand against the Turks to a winning, but unskilled, California girls’ basketball team, “legs” tend to... More »

3 Stories