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Pentagon Releases More 'Scare Force One' Photos

(Newser) - The Pentagon has released 145 new photos of the Air Force One flyover that rattled New Yorkers in April, CNN reports. The flight was for a White House photo shoot, but city officials and the public were not informed. The photos show the Boeing plane, the military version of the... More »

NYC Gives Jumpy Citizens Heads-Up on Emergency Drill

'Lots of sirens' Sunday in Lower Manhattan

(Newser) - Mindful of the panic caused by the Air Force One flyover, New York is giving its residents fair warning of a massive emergency drill scheduled for Sunday, Reuters reports. The heads-up is “not necessarily” because of the scare, a spokesman said. But “people will see and hear lots... More »

Obama's Brainwashing You With This Photo

(Newser) - The release of an “Air Farce One” image is a calculated move by a White House that hopes to brainwash citizens with “the Messianic omnipotence of the Obama presidency,” Victor J. Massad writes on American Thinker. With the Statue of Liberty confined to the lower background, “... More »

FAA Cans Navy Flight in Jittery NYC's Airspace

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration scrapped a Navy flight today that would have brought an anti-sub patrol plane into New York’s airspace, Bloomberg reports. The announcement came 30 minutes after a city email said the aircraft would be flying up and down the Hudson River. “I don’t know... More »

White House Aide Quits in Flyover; Gates Sorry

(Newser) - Robert Gates has apologized for the Air Force One photo op debacle over New York last week, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We deeply regret the anxiety and alarm that resulted from this mission,” the defense secretary wrote in a letter posted on the website of John McCain,... More »

White House Won't Share Flyover Photos

(Newser) - The White House won’t release pictures from Air Force One’s much-criticized Manhattan flyover, reports the New York Post. “The photos are classified—that’s ridiculous,” said one city council member. But a White House aide says the fruits of the $328,835 photo-op aren’t classified,... More »

6 Stories