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Baseball Won't Punish A-Rod Over Doping

MLB closing investigation into whether he lied

(Newser) - MLB will not discipline Alex Rodriguez after investigating whether he lied to baseball officials about using steroids, the New York Times reports. In March, Rodriguez admitted to investigators and the public that he had used performance-enhancing drugs, but only from 2001 to 2003. After a book published in April suggested... More »

A-Rod Bio Author 'Feminist Version of Al Sharpton'

Sourcing is questionable, writers has credibility issues

(Newser) - Selena Roberts’ new book makes many claims about Alex Rodriguez: He juiced in high school, tipped off opposing batters to pitches, and is even a stingy tipper. Roberts’ sourcing is scanty and anonymous, but we can trust her, a respected journalist for Sports Illustrated and formerly the New York Times,... More »

2 Stories