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Widow of Victim in Soccer Mob Attack Pleads for Peace

Don't retaliate in his name, she asks

(Newser) - The wife of a Catholic man beaten to death by a mob of Protestant soccer fans in Northern Ireland wants no violence in her husband's name, the Telegraph reports. "He wouldn't want retaliation for it," said Evelyn McDaid, who has two black eyes and a bruised face from... More »

Policeman's Funeral Unites Northern Ireland

Killing by IRA splinter group provokes defiant display in favor of peace

(Newser) - Northern Ireland's Catholics and Protestants united yesterday to mourn a policeman killed by an IRA splinter group, the New York Times reports. In what some mourners described as the most improbable gathering of old enemies in modern Irish history, IRA veterans stood side by side with loyalists and security chiefs... More »

IRA Splinter Groups Likely Coordinated Attacks

Security forces fear loyalist paramilitaries may respond to killings

(Newser) - The IRA splinter groups responsible for two separate attacks in Northern Ireland within 48 hours most likely coordinated the attacks, security officials tell the Times of London. Officials say the two attacks point to an unprecedented level of cooperation between the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA—which have no... More »

IRA Splinter Group Behind Cop Killing

Dissident republicans vow more attacks in Northern Ireland

(Newser) - A second Irish republican paramilitary group claimed responsibility for the murder of a police officer in Northern Ireland last night, the first constable killed there since 1998. The Continuity IRA, which considers itself the army of a united Irish republic, issued a coded message saying, "As long as there... More »

Ian Paisley Does the Unthinkable

Middle East Can Learn From Northern Ireland

(Newser) - "Watching this stooped white-haired man reverse a lifetime's course made one feel that change might be possible in other intractable situations," writes Trudy Rubin of Ian Paisley's meeting with Gerry Adams to agree on power sharing in Northern Ireland. The "other situation" Rubin has in mind is ... More »

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