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What the 7 Fastest-Shrinking US Companies Have in Common

In a word: oil

(Newser) - It's not terribly common for companies to see revenue drop by double-digit percentages, but in coming up with entries for its list of America's fastest-shrinking companies, 24/7 Wall St. found that sometimes the plunges came fast and furious, with revenue for a few companies falling more than one-third... More »

Alaskans Get $900 This Year in Oil Checks

They got double that before the recession hit

(Newser) - Nearly every Alaska resident will receive $900 for their share of the state's oil wealth, a nice sum to be sure, but nowhere near the amount of the checks before the recession. The amount of each person's check is based on a five-year rolling average of worldwide markets,... More »

For Sale: BP's Siphoned Oil

Crude will enter supply chain, BP to donate profits

(Newser) - Oil from the worst spill in US history could soon end up at gas stations as BP sells the crude taken from its ruptured Gulf well. The energy giant announced this week it will donate its share of the proceeds to fund efforts to protect and restore wildlife habitat along... More »

With Paychecks Scarce, Iraqi Awakening Unravels

(Newser) - The imminent withdrawal of US troops and the lack of funds to keep Sunni Awakening members on the payroll has led to rising violence there, the Wall Street Journal reports. The steep decline in oil revenues has left the Iraqi government broke, and former insurgents hired by the US to... More »

4 Stories