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Microbes May Be Doing Something Wild in Our Sewage

Levels of certain pharmaceuticals go up after wastewater is treated

(Newser) - Drugs in our sewage are an issue of continuing concern: A few years back, researchers found that treatment plants were only getting rid of about half of them. Now, a new study suggests that the problem goes beyond a failure to eradicate the drugs: Researchers found that levels of two... More »

Beer Brewed From Sewer Water? Maybe

Clean Water Services wants to see it happen in Portland

(Newser) - There's water being turned into wine and then there's this: A Portland company wants to turn sewage into water—and then have beer brewed from that water. Clean Water Services operates four metro-area wastewater treatment plants, and it's asked the state of Oregon for the green light... More »

Treatment Plants May Miss Half the Drugs in Sewage

Antibiotics, herbicide among chemicals found in Great Lakes study

(Newser) - Treatment plants may only be getting rid of about half the drugs and other "chemicals of emerging concern" that turn up in our sewage, a study finds. Officials in a joint US-Canadian study of the Great Lakes assessed 42 of these chemicals using a decade's worth of data,... More »

Woman's Remains Found at 2 Water Plants Near LA

Police believe they belong to a single person

(Newser) - A grim case in California: The remains of what may be a single person have been found in two separate wastewater facilities outside Los Angeles. A head and torso were discovered at a wastewater treatment plant in the city of Industry as officials checked out a blocked line yesterday; on... More »

You're Flushing Tons of Things That You Shouldn't

'Flushable' wipes, paper towels are major causes of sewer clogs

(Newser) - Wastewater officials across the country are trying to spread the message that you can't just flush anything down the toilet, and they're taking particular aim at wipes. Vancouver, Wash., has a campaign called "Smart Bunnies" that shows a bespectacled rabbit sitting on a toilet and the tag... More »

Valentine's Day Sewage Tour Back by Popular Demand

It's certainly more original than dinner and a movie

(Newser) - Looking for a grand romantic gesture this Valentine's Day? Consider New York City's sewage tour. The Department of Environmental Protection is again offering Valentine's Day tours of the Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn—three tours this year, in fact, due to "overwhelming demand" after... More »

Human Waste Still Spewing Into NY Harbor Post-Sandy

Repairs still not complete at NJ sewage plant

(Newser) - Just when you thought Hurricane Sandy stories couldn't get any worse : The nation's fifth-largest sewage treatment plant, located in Newark, still hasn't been fully repaired after being hit by a 12-foot wave during the storm. So 18 days later, it continues to pump millions of gallons of... More »

Florida City to Turn Toilet Water Into Drinking Water

Pembroke Pines to inject treated sewage into the water supply

(Newser) - Within three years, Floridians from Miami to Boca Raton could be drinking sewage—albeit nice, treated sewage. Pembroke Pines plans to build a $47 million facility that will pump 7 million gallons of treated sewage a day into the aquifer that supplies Broward, Miami-Dade, and part of Palm Beach County,... More »

In Recession, Sewage Tour, Offbeat Destinations Thrive

Offbeat local museums, tours see record demand

(Newser) - With fancy island getaways now out of most people's price range, alternative attractions are gaining ground, Newsweek reports. Local families have begun flocking to Louisiana's oil rig museum, San Francisco's sewage-plant tour, and Ireland's Famine Museum, perhaps in a spirit of "things are bad, but at least they're not... More »

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