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New Birth Defect Risk: Dad's Vitamin Deficiency

Father's lack of B9 jacks risk 28% in baby mice

(Newser) - Seems it's not just moms-to-be who need to watch what they eat. Men who don't get enough vitamin B9 may put their children at higher risk of birth defects, a study suggests. "It’s always put on the mother that it’s her health that determines the... More »

Too Much Folic Acid May Help Cause Cancer

Wonder vitamin added to many foods could be giving us an overdose

(Newser) - Folic acid: You’ve probably heard that pregnant women are urged to take it, and you might know that lots of common staples—from flour to cereals—are fortified with it. But new research indicates that folic acid may have a complicated relationship to cancer—even perhaps accelerating it. Studies... More »

2 Stories