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Water-Loving Animal Seems to 'Live Forever'

Scientists still puzzled by the hydra

(Newser) - A water-loving animal called the hydra may measure less than a half-inch, but still has something on us: It seems to live forever. Treehugger revisits this biological mystery, calling hydra "marvels of the animal world" that share "regenerative powers" with the multi-headed Hydra of Greek mythology. We know... More »

It's Baaaack: Montauk Monster Reappears

What it is, no one knows

(Newser) - It’s baaaack: the Montauk Monster—or something like it—has been spotted on a Long Island beach after sparking a flurry of blog speculation when it washed ashore last year, Gawker reports. The dead creature, which looks like a half-dog, half-pig with a beak, was stolen after its first... More »

2 Stories