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'Biohacker' CEO Found Dead in Flotation Tank

Aaron Traywick injected himself with experimental treatment

(Newser) - A "biohacker" CEO who sought to cure diseases and prolong lives with experimental gene therapies has died at just 28. Aaron Traywick, CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, was found dead Sunday in a flotation tank in a Washington, DC, spa room, Live Science reports. Police say they are investigating the... More »

This Now Exists: Fat-Infused Water

In southern California, bottled water mixed with coconut oil goes for $3.95

(Newser) - Remember that guy who started the Bulletproof Coffee fad , where people add butter and oil to their cups of joe in the hopes of losing weight? Well he's at it again, this time with what the Silicon Valley techie calls "a disruptive technology for beverages," reports the... More »

'Biohackers' Create New, DIY Organisms

Feds try to asses threat from part-time Frankensteins

(Newser) - Katherine Aull is creating new forms of life in her closet. Armed only with jury-rigged equipment and some DNA she bought online, the 23-year-old is creating custom E. coli bacteria she thinks could help cancer research. Aull is part of a growing movement of “biohackers,” amateur biologists crafting... More »

3 Stories