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Every 40 Seconds, Someone Commits Suicide: WHO

'Major public health problem' is No. 2 cause of death among people 15-29

(Newser) - With the suicide of Robin Williams still painfully fresh, the World Health Organization released a startling statistic today: Someone takes his or her own life every 40 seconds—which equates to about 800,000 deaths a year, reports the BBC . Other findings in the WHO study : Suicide is the second-leading... More »

Cheney: I Thought I Had Reached 'End of My Days'

Describes health struggles, near-death experience in 2010

(Newser) - Dick Cheney's 2011 memoir may have delved into his many health problems, but it barely scratched the surface compared with his latest book. Written with his cardiologist, Heart: An American Medical Odyssey explains that Cheney was so near death in 2010—after five heart attacks and multiple surgeries—he... More »

Doctors Worry About All These Big Babies

Along with obesity, birthweight is on the rise

(Newser) - Like people, babies are getting bigger around the world—and experts say those cute, chubby newborns pose health risks to themselves and their moms, NBC News reports. Not only can they get stuck during birth, but they can face higher risks of cancer, obesity, and (if born from an overweight... More »

Divorced? You're 23% More Likely to Die Early

...compared to married couples: research

(Newser) - Getting a divorce can do more than just bum you out: It can lead to an increased risk of early death. A new review of 32 studies published over 27 years finds that divorced adults have a 23% greater chance of dying early than married couples do, the Arizona Republic... More »

Rumors Raise Concerns About Mandela's Health

Don't worry about 91-year-old's reduced schedule: grandson

(Newser) - Nelson Mandela is increasingly out of the public eye, raising questions about his health. The first black president of South Africa “recently decided to cut back his engagements even further and spend more time with his family,” the head of his foundation tells the Guardian . Rumors that... More »

Jobs Speech Won't Open Rumored Comeback Event

(Newser) - Apple CEO Steve Jobs won’t deliver the keynote speech at an event many thought would mark his return from a health-related leave of absence, the Telegraph reports. An Apple VP will speak in Jobs’ usual spot at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8. Jobs, on medical leave, could... More »

6 Stories