Worldwide Developers Conference

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Sorry Apple, Looking Cool Won't Save You

Cook & Co. fail to impress at Worldwide Developer's Conference

(Newser) - Tech pundits aren't exactly swooning over Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference presentation, in which it showed off an iOS revamp , a new streaming music service , and a cylindrical computer . Here's what the nay people are saying:
  • Apple really needed a new iOS, and "thanks to these
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Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud, New iOS

Apple also unveils new version of Mac OS

(Newser) - Steve Jobs took a break from his medical leave to show off some major new Apple software today, including its hotly anticipated new cloud computing service. The service, predictably dubbed “iCloud,” lets users keep all manner of data online, including books, apps, and music, syncing it all across... More »

Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling

Tech blog will still live blog the event—sort of

(Newser) - Steve Jobs has found his sweet revenge: Gizmodo's request to attend today's super-high-profile Worldwide Developers Conference—in which Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone that Gizmodo leaked —has been met with radio silence from Apple, leading the tech blog to make the awkward choice of creating a... More »

Apple Rolls Out New iPhone, Drops Prices

(Newser) - Apple unveiled a slew of new goodies at its annual developers conference today, including a price drop on the basic model iPhone from $199 to $99. The New York Times dishes the details:
  • The new iPhone 3G S is faster, has vastly improved battery life and camera specs (it finally
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Palm's Launch of 'Pre' Thumbs Nose at Apple

(Newser) - Sprint will launch the much-ballyhooed Palm Pre smartphone June 6, two days before the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Though this year’s WWDC isn’t expected to produce any new hardware, John Biggs writes for TechCrunch, the scheduling of the Pre launch is connected … probably. Though unlikely, Biggs... More »

Jobs Speech Won't Open Rumored Comeback Event

(Newser) - Apple CEO Steve Jobs won’t deliver the keynote speech at an event many thought would mark his return from a health-related leave of absence, the Telegraph reports. An Apple VP will speak in Jobs’ usual spot at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8. Jobs, on medical leave, could... More »

6 Stories