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Obama on BP: If Laws Were Broken, We'll Seek Justice

Oil company must compensate victims of spill, president says

(Newser) - As oil continued to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama vowed today that history won't repeat. He continued to emphasize that BP must clean up the mess and compensate those devastated by the fallout, reports the Washington Times . "We have an obligation to investigate what went wrong... More »

US Grade for Bio-Terror Readiness: F

Feds 'failing to address several urgent threats,' commission says

(Newser) - The US is woefully unprepared for a biological attack—getting an “F” from a bipartisan commission on weapons of mass destruction. “While the government has made progress on preventing such attacks, it is simply not paying consistent and urgent attention to the means of responding quickly and effectively... More »

Graham: CIA Didn't Tell Me About Waterboarding

Ex-senator's stance may help Pelosi

(Newser) - This could help Nancy Pelosi's case: Bob Graham, former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tells the Huffington Post and Plum Line that the CIA never told him about waterboarding or other harsh interrogation techniques in a 2002 briefing. Graham, a Democrat, also criticized the agency's records as "suspect.... More »

3 Stories