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Tears, Wild Offers for Candymaker in Danger of Shuttering

One woman said she'd give up her Honda Accord for a website's entire stash

(Newser) - is calling it "the Great NECCO Wafer Panic," and that's no exaggeration. Terrified by reports that the New England Confectionery Co. may soon be out of business, fans of the candy company's sugar wafers are stocking up, with one woman offering to exchange her... More »

Mars Inc: We Do Not Endorse Fried Mars Bars

Because they're too ... unhealthy

(Newser) - The next time you bite into a deep-fried Mars bar, you should know that the Mars candy company does not endorse the unhealthy lifestyle choice you are making. That's right, Mars actually wrote to the Scottish pub that says it was the first to fry the candy bar, in... More »

Mars Slims Down Candy

Snickers, Twix, M&Ms to top out at 250 calories

(Newser) - Kiss your king-size Snickers goodbye. Mars Inc., the maker of Snickers, Twix, and M&Ms, among other confections, has announced that it will stop selling chocolate products containing more than 250 calories by the end of next year. A spokesman for the Virginia-based company says the switch is part of... More »

The Sour Story of Jelly Belly's Willy Wonka

Candymaker now gives $5 tours of his small factory

(Newser) - There's no candy-coating the story of Jelly Belly creator David Klein. After coming up with the idea for the high-end jelly bean company, he took a modest buy-out in 1980 and has regretted it ever since, reports the Los Angeles Times in a profile. Klein, an eccentric 64-year-old, now... More »

Cadbury Shoots Down $16.7B Kraft Takeover Bid

Watchers suspect undervalued bid could be sweetened

(Newser) - Cadbury today rejected a $16.73 billion takeover bid from food giant Kraft, the Wall Street Journal reports. The candy maker has recently undergone restructuring and divestment that it says make it more valuable—and more attractive to suitors like Kraft. The Cadbury board says the offer “fundamentally undervalues”... More »

Pez Sues Calif. Museum Over Outsized Dispenser

(Newser) - Pez is suing a California store and museum over an 8-foot-tall dispenser custom-made for the establishment—and thus not sanctioned by the Austrian candy-maker, the San Jose Mercury News reports. “From a branding perspective, I think Pez should embrace the Dosses and the museum, instead of trying to attack... More »

Sweet! 'Lolly Lover' Kid Wins Dream Job as Candy Taster

How sweet it is

(Newser) - A lollipop-obsessed boy has won a dream job right out of a Willy Wonka fantasy: he's going to become a British candy company's taster for a year, reports the Telegraph. "I'm sure the next year is going to be a real adventure," said 12-year-old Harry Willsher, who'll be... More »

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