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Rightwing Pundits Belong on the Fiction Lists

Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin have crafted paranoid masterpieces

(Newser) - Salon writer Steve Almond has seen the future of literary fiction and it looks like Glenn Beck. Right-wing pundits like Beck and Michelle Malkin have dominated non-fiction bestseller lists since President Obama took office, Almond notes. A close read finds that their works aren't the "psychotic, fact-challenged rants of... More »

Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Maddow 'Little Boy'

Andrew Wilkow also attacks Perez Hilton

(Newser) - A right-wing radio host's rant on Tuesday got nasty—even for talk radio. Andrew Wilkow of Sirius/XM, filling in on the syndicated "Mark Levin Show," called MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a "nice little boy" and Perez Hilton a "vile sodomite," Salon reports. "It just sounds... More »

2 Stories