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Busted: Longtime Myth About Women's Periods

Women's periods don't sync up, even if they live together, scientists say

(Newser) - Sorry, ladies, but your roommate, sister, or female partner doesn't have an "alpha uterus" that's causing your menstrual cycle to align with hers. That's per a new study by period-tracking app Clue , which joined with University of Oxford scientists to determine if there was any truth... More »

Menstruating Teen Sent to Outdoor Hut. She Didn't Survive

Nepal tradition of 'chaupadi' banishes menstruating females from their homes

(Newser) - A 15-year-old girl in Nepal who had been banished to a tiny, outdoor hut because she was having her period was found dead in the morning, and now police are investigating, reports the BBC . It was cold, and she'd lit a small fire, but "there wasn't any... More »

Mom, Daughter Buy Tampons and 'Smash the Patriarchy'

Text conversation during Walmart shopping trip goes viral

(Newser) - People are singing the praises of an Arkansas mother and daughter who turned a trip to Walmart to buy tampons into an opportunity to "destroy menstruation stigma"—as per Teen Vogue —and—as Mashable puts it—"rip into the patriarchy." Us Weekly reports Belinda Hankins... More »

After Olympic Loss, Swimmer Dares Mention Her Period

Fu Yuanhui broke a sports taboo

(Newser) - On Sunday, Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui did something kind of extraordinary: She told a TV interviewer she was menstruating. After China finished 4th in the 4x100 relay, Fu was seen holding her stomach, and when asked if she was feeling ill, she put it plainly: "Because my period came... More »

Company Promises 'Mess-Free Period Sex,' Raises $1M

Flex is the anti-tampon

(Newser) - Want to raise $1 million? Promise women—and their significant others—a device that allows them to have sex during their periods without worrying about blood. Mashable reports the Flex Company received that amount in funding this month. The San Francisco-based startup, which calls its FLEX menstrual disc the anti-tampon... More »

NYC Is Making Tampons Free for Millions of Women

Millions of women will have access to free tampons in schools, shelters, and jails

(Newser) - New York City is on track to become the nation's first city to require free tampons and sanitary pads in public schools, homeless shelters, and jails after lawmakers approved the idea Tuesday amid a national discussion of the costs of having a period, the AP reports. The proposal marks... More »

Scientists Find a Mouse That Gets Periods

Spiny mouse could help in researching human conditions

(Newser) - Just 1.5% of mammals menstruate and 99.9% of those are primates. That's why scientists are amazed by the spiny mouse—the first rodent shown to menstruate with a cycle remarkably similar to humans, according to a study that still needs to be peer-reviewed. Researchers at Monash University... More »

Company to Female Workers: Take Time Off for Your Period

UK firm hopes its menstrual policy erases stigma about women's natural cycles

(Newser) - When Bex Baxter started seeing women in her office "bent over double" with pain—not from indigestion or appendicitis, but from their monthly menstrual cycles—she knew she had to act, per the Guardian . So the director of Coexist, based in Bristol, England, has decided to implement a "... More »

It's Time to Start Taking 'Period Pain' Seriously

One in five women have periods that can be as 'bad as having a heart attack'

(Newser) - Every month, Olivia Goldhill has to visit a physiotherapist to treat the pain—worse than either of the slipped discs she's had—that contorts her body into an S during menstruation. So she's speaking from experience when she writes in Quartz : "It's time to talk about... More »

PMS May Signal Future Health Problems for Women

Women with PMS could be screened for hypertension

(Newser) - Women who suffer from moderate to severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) appear to be at greater risk of having high blood pressure later in life, report researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the American Journal of Epidemiology. The team, which also worked with the Harvard School of Public Health,... More »

Soda Could Cause Earlier Menstruation

Sugary drinks linked to first periods 2.7 months ahead: study

(Newser) - Scientists have previously observed that girls are having their first periods earlier than they once did, and a new study offers a possible reason: sugary beverages like soda. Researchers studied 5,583 US children between 1996 and 2001; they found that girls ages nine to 14 who downed an average... More »

Maxi Pad Maker to Ranter: You're Right, Periods Suck

Fake CEO apologizes to Richard Neill in new video

(Newser) - Bodyform proved today that it's a very good sport: The maxi pad maker posted a video response to a man whose rant on its Facebook page went viral last week, and Mashable calls it possibly "the best response to a Facebook rant—period." Richard Neill, whose post... More »

PMS Helps Women Spot Snakes

Hormones can boost fear response: researchers

(Newser) - If you're planning a walk in the woods, you may be safest just before your period. A preliminary study suggests that women in the luteal or premenstrual phase of menstruation are quickest at spotting snakes. That could be because the hormones involved can influence the amygdala, part of the... More »

That Time of the Month: Boss Tags Women With Red Bands

You know, to monitor bathroom breaks

(Newser) - We're apparently not making this up: One Norway boss makes female staffers wear red wristbands during that time of the month to explain frequent bathroom breaks. That tidbit popped up in a new report about "tyrannical" bathroom rules at Norwegian workplaces. The report found that some 66% of managers... More »

Anorexic Women Have More Abortions

...and many more unplanned pregnancies

(Newser) - Contrary to popular belief, anorexic women continue to menstruate, and retain the ability to conceive and give birth. The widely-held belief that they can't, however, may be behind a striking finding by obstetrics researchers: anorexic women are a lot more likely to have unplanned pregnancies and abortions. In a recent... More »

Irregular Periods Could Signal Fertility Disorder

Primary ovarian deficiency affects 1 in 100 women under 40

(Newser) - Women with irregular periods usually blame stress or other lifestyle factors, and often use hormonal birth control to make their cycle regular. But an irregular period could signal something serious: primary ovarian insufficiency, characterized by a lack of reproductive hormones. The condition affects 1 in 100 women by age 40,... More »

MadTV Mocked Apple's iPad 4 Years Ago

2006 sketch parodied what new Apple tablet sounds like it is

(Newser) - Looks like the yucksters at MadTV have Steve Jobs beat by four years when coming up with dubious names for tablet computers. Thing is, when the comedians made a jokey iPad sketch, their gadget was actually what Apple’s new toy sort of sounds like: a feminine hygiene product. Complete... More »

Scientists Find Gene That Triggers Menstruation

Scientists find genetic key that triggers when a girl gets her first period

(Newser) - Genetics appear to play a key role in the timing of a girl’s first period, the BBC reports. Researchers have discovered two genes that influence the onset of puberty in both sexes, adjacent to genes controlling height and weight. The findings are important because early menstruation can contribute to... More »

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