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US Blacklists Haqqani Network

Step could be a blow to relations with Pakistan, Taliban

(Newser) - The Obama administration intends to slap the Haqqani network onto its terrorism blacklist, in a risky bid to strangle the group's fundraising. The idea has been hotly debated in the administration, with many arguing that it could harm relations with Pakistan, undercut Taliban peace talks, and endanger the life... More »

US Bigwigs Get Paid Well to Push for Iranian Group

It's hoping to come off the list of designated terrorist groups

(Newser) - Prominent US leaders from Rudy Giuliani to Howard Dean have been visiting the White House to fight for an Iranian opposition group currently on the State Department's terror list—and those visits are drawing scrutiny at the Washington Post . The Treasury Department already has looked into the possibility that... More »

No-Fly List Has Doubled to 21K Since Last Year

New standards imposed after attempted 'underwear bombing'

(Newser) - One year ago, the US no-fly list was at about 10,000 names; today, it has more than doubled to around 21,000. The list has been growing at a quick clip ever since the failed Christmas 2009 "underwear bomber" plot , after which the government lowered the standards required... More »

Once You're on Terror Watch List, FBI May Not Let You Off

FBI documents reveal previously confidential process

(Newser) - Newly released FBI documents reveal just how hard it is to get off the US government’s terrorist watch list once you’re on it, reports the New York Times in a look into the list's inner workings. Though agents are typically instructed to remove a person’s name... More »

FBI to Screen 9/11 Responders Against Terror List

Names of cops, firefighters to be compared to watch list

(Newser) - Police, firefighters, construction workers, and anyone else covered by the 9/11 responders bill will be warned that their names must be compared to the FBI's terrorist watch list before they can receive benefits, according to a letter obtained by the Huffington Post . The requirement was added by GOP Rep.... More »

Boy, 8, Makes 'Terror Watch List'

Third grader joins many others on flaw-filled 'no-fly' list

(Newser) - James Robinson, 8, shares more than a name with a pilot and a former assistant attorney general, CNN reports. All three have found themselves on the government's terrorist watch list and must verify they're not James Robinson, suspected terrorist, before they can fly. Little James was first held up at... More »

Carter to Meet Hamas Leader Despite White House Policy

State Dept. 'counseled against' Syrian trip

(Newser) - Jimmy Carter plans to visit leaders of Palestinian extremist group Hamas in Syria next week despite warnings by the State Department that the rendezvous violates the Bush administration’s policy of isolating terrorist organizations, Reuters reports. Carter has scheduled talks with Khaled Meshaal, who heads Hamas’ Syrian branch and claims... More »

Audit Slams FBI Over Terror Watch List

Agency provides inaccurate, outdated info on suspects

(Newser) - The FBI provides inaccurate information about suspects on the nation's terror watch list, leaving innocent people on it too long and failing to provide timely updates about those who pose genuine threats, a Justice Department audit shows. The FBI says it will fix the problems within 6 months, the AP... More »

Activists, Washington Cross Swords over Terror List

Raises new concerns over privacy

(Newser) - Activists are battling Washington over a list that tagged some 20,000 people as suspected terrorists last year, the Washington Post reports. Yet only a fraction of them were arrested, prompting critics to doubt the list’s value. Cases of a civil rights activist held for hours and a Cleveland... More »

Innocent Customers Caught in Terrorist Dragnet

Companies refuse business to partial name matches on OFAC's list

(Newser) - Hassans, Muhammeds, and other men with Arabic-sounding names  are being turned away when they try to buy cars, homes, and even exercise equipment. Responding to post-9/11 requirements to screen customers against terrorist lists, companies are turning down buyers with even partial name matches rather than risk stiff fines and prison... More »

Ballooning Terror Database Spawns Errors

The poorly maintained list is easy to get on, and hard to get off

(Newser) - The US list of suspected terrorists has ballooned to 435,000 names, and upkeep is so poor that once you're on it, it's virtually impossible to get off. The size alone  threatens to overwhelm those responsible for its upkeep, reports Karen DeYoung creating  concerns about secrecy, errors and privacy. More »

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