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Mitt Romney Thinks He's the Confidence Fairy

Believes his mere election will fix economy: Paul Krugman

(Newser) - Paul Krugman has long derided the " confidence fairy ": a notion that government cuts will somehow spark more consumers and investors to buy. We're seeing another version of that fairy now, after learning that Mitt Romney, at his infamous "47%" fundraiser, also claimed that his election would... More »

Early Facebook Investors Want Out

A group, including employees, looks to dump shares

(Newser) - In a sign of increasing wariness among Facebook's earliest investors, a group of shareholders is looking to dump $1 billion worth of shares in the social networking company. The sale would value Facebook at more than $70 billion, five sources tell Reuters . The group, which includes Facebook employees, tried... More »

As Crises Spread, Europe Scrambles for an Answer

Even healthier countries now feeling pinch

(Newser) - Financial crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal have stoked fears for Italy, Belgium, and the more robust Germany as Europe struggles to find a solution, the New York Times reports. Worry that Germany may have to pay the brunt of bailout costs have prompted the sale of its debt; investor... More »

Secret to Recovery: Optimism

Obama, Boehner must promote American confidence

(Newser) - There’s a big economic problem that’s been keeping a low profile: American confidence, writes David Smick in the Washington Post . “Between $2.5 trillion and $4 trillion of private capital is waiting on the sidelines to ‘reliquify’ a new era of American confidence and innovation,”... More »

Housing Data Put Dow Off 29

(Newser) - Yesterday’s housing-fueled rally didn’t carry over into today’s session, the Wall Street Journal reports, in part because of poor indicators from that same industry. April saw a 12.8% reduction in buildings starting construction; Home Depot dropped 5%. Still, a metric of investor anxiety today fell to... More »

5 Stories