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Terror on the Mountain: 'I Let Out a Primal Scream'

Mountaineer tells tale of excruciating plummet—and extraordinary friendship

(Newser) - Alan Arnette admits he often braves mountain peaks on days other climbers label "unpleasant." But in his first-person account for the Coloradoan , Arnette explains why Feb. 10 was an entirely different scenario altogether, one in which he and fellow climber Jim Davidson found themselves in especially blustery conditions... More »

Woman Falls From Fake Donkey, Sues for Real Cash

Kimberly Bonn wants $15K from El Jalisco in Tallahassee

(Newser) - A woman who climbed atop a life-size donkey statue at a Mexican restaurant in Florida is suing said restaurant after she says she fell and broke her back. Kimberly Bonn says she mounted the donkey for a photo during a visit to El Jalisco Southwood in Tallahassee on Aug. 31,... More »

He Fell During a Frat Party; 12 Hours Later, a Call for Help

Cops investigating death of Penn State student Timothy Piazza

(Newser) - Timothy Piazza fell down a set of stairs at his Penn State fraternity around 11pm Thursday in the midst of a party. A call for help came 12 hours later. Paramedics found Piazza, 19, unresponsive when they arrived at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity Friday morning. He was pronounced dead... More »

Winter Is Coming, but First Let's Welcome Fall

Because we're now in it

(Newser) - An eventful day on the equinox front: We've entered autumn, as of 10:21am EDT, per National Geographic . That means that Sept. 22 will see 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night in the Northern Hemisphere, and our part of the Earth will start to lean further... More »

Man Tries to Rescue Friend at Waterfall, Both Die

Would-be rescuer fell 150 feet, friend died in hospital

(Newser) - A man who apparently slipped from the top of a waterfall in North Carolina is dead along with his would-be rescuer. Authorities say Joseph Hopkins, 23, and Davis Zinsenheim, 22, were visiting a resident of the Lake Toxaway area from Georgia on Tuesday when they decided to explore a waterfall... More »

Skier's 1K-Foot Plunge Will Make Your Heart Stop

Angel Collinson takes jaw-dropping tumble in Alaska's Neacola Mountains

(Newser) - Even world-class freeskiers can have a bad day in the powder—and a heart-stopping video that's now circulating shows how that happened to Angel Collinson last spring during a movie shoot. The video, taken in Alaska’s Neacola Mountains, was footage to be used in Teton Gravity Research's... More »

How You're Most Likely to Get an Eye Injury

Fighting comes in a close second

(Newser) - Falls and brawls are the top reasons Americans sustained eye injuries between 2002 and 2011, report Johns Hopkins researchers at the 119th annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting. Out of nearly 47,000 patients up to age 80 who were diagnosed with eye trauma across the US in that time,... More »

Worker Plummets 40 Feet Into Smokestack

Tragedy strikes at Yale University

(Newser) - A man doing repair work at Yale University has died after plummeting 40 feet into a smokestack, the Hartford Courant reports. The man in his 50s, whose name hasn't been released, fell into the chimney from a ladder yesterday at the Yale Central Power Plant in New Haven, Conn.... More »

Study Finds Surprising Reason Behind Many Falls

It could all come down to a urinary, blood, or respiratory infection: scientists

(Newser) - Around 2.5 million people aged 65 and older are treated in the ER for falls each year, but researchers who took part in a Massachusetts General Hospital study warn not to automatically assume that "older" means they took a tumble because they're feeble, clumsy, or suffering from... More »

Couple 'Having Sex' Plunges Over Castle Wall

He apparently worked there, and she was a visiting nurse

(Newser) - A French couple fell 40 feet to their deaths from a castle wall while apparently making love, the Independent reports. Naked bodies of the two 31-year-olds were found in a moat that surrounds a castle on the main island of Chausey Archipelago, off the coast of Normandy in the English... More »

Student Hits Pedestrian in Fatal Fall From Window

Freshman Rebecca Kim died after fall from 8th-floor dorm window

(Newser) - A visit with two male friends at their Art Institute of Philadelphia dorm ended tragically last night for a Temple University student after she fell to her death from an eighth-floor window, CBS Philly reports. "It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of Rebecca... More »

To Help Seniors Stop Falling, Scientists Trip Them

Researchers say people can learn how to react better

(Newser) - When 81-year-old Mary Kaye trips and falls—usually on Chicago's sidewalks—she lands on her face. "It's usually quite disastrous—for my face," she tells the AP . Falls are dangerous for seniors, so physical therapist Clive Pai is testing what sounds like a cruel way to... More »

Toddler Survives Fall From 3rd Floor Window

Metal trash bin reportedly broke 2-year-old's fall in NYC

(Newser) - A 2-year-old boy is alive after falling from a third-floor window in his family's Manhattan apartment early this morning—and it could all be thanks to a metal trash bin. The bin was directly under the window that Jayvin Cruz fell from, and it reportedly broke his fall before... More »

Man Dies in 65-Foot Fall at Atlanta's Turner Field

It's believed to be the 2nd death at the stadium

(Newser) - Tragedy in Atlanta last night, where the Journal-Constitution reports a 29-year-old man died after falling from the upper deck at Turner Field. He tumbled some 65 feet and landed in a parking lot outside of the stadium. Still no word on what caused Ronald Homer to fall, but a police... More »

Mom Smashes Window, Grabs Falling Baby

She's 'pretty scraped up' after daring rescue

(Newser) - Talk about reflexes: A mom who saw her baby tumble out a second-story window yesterday went flying after him, smashing through the glass and grabbing his foot, the AP reports. The Spokane, Wash., mom held onto her 14-month-old boy until his shoe fell off—by which time the boy's... More »

Upside to Drought: Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Less water leads to less chlorophyll and more colors

(Newser) - The lack of rain this year could elicit a dazzling side effect in the fall: exceptionally colorful leaves. That's because below-average rainfall in the Northeast may cause trees to shut down production of a chemical called chlorophyll earlier than usual. Without it, various pigments like carotenes and xanthophyll (yellow... More »

Fan Nearly Falls to Death at Baseball Game

Keith Carmickle, Darwin Award nominee?

(Newser) - So much for learning from the tragedy of others: On Thursday night, Shannon Stone fell to his death while trying to catch a ball at a Texas Rangers game. Last night, Keith Carmickle almost shared the same fate. In an attempt to catch a ball hit by Milwaukee's Prince... More »

Toddler Falls 10 Stories—and Woman Catches Her

Impact breaks woman's arm

(Newser) - A two-year-old Chinese girl left unattended fell 10 stories from her family's apartment window yesterday—and survived after being caught by a woman passing by, state media reported today. The girl, named Zhang Fangyu but known by the nickname Niu Niu, was in the care of her grandmother yesterday... More »

Another Woman Dies in W Hotel Plunge

Second death in a month after falls from hotel

(Newser) - A month ago, two women fell from a W hotel in Atlanta ; one died. Now another woman has been killed in a fall from a W hotel—this one in Washington, DC, Gawker reports. She had been drinking at the rooftop bar and climbed over a fence, witnesses said, ending... More »

Tot Plunges 4 Stories—Into Tourist's Arms

'Not a scratch' on her after Orlando fall: mom

(Newser) - A 16-month-old girl who plummeted from a fourth-story balcony at an Econo Lodge in Orlando was caught midair by a bystander—a British tourist who saw her dangling from a railing, the BBC reports. Doctors say baby Jah-Nea Myles is doing fine, though she was taken to a hospital after... More »

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