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Pakistan Grants Bail to Musharraf

He won't leave the country after house arrest: lawyers

(Newser) - After six months of house arrest , former Pakistani strongman Pervez Musharraf has been granted bail in the case of a 2007 mosque siege. Musharraf has already received bail in three other cases, the AP notes. Some have expected the former leader to exit Pakistan once the house arrest is over,... More »

Pakistan Suicide Blast Kills 11 at Mosque Memorial

Victims mostly police officers on anniversary of violence

(Newser) - A suicide bombing near Pakistan’s Red Mosque killed at least 11 and wounded more than 22, most of them police officers, the New York Times reports. Thousands were nearby yesterday to observe the anniversary of a showdown between militants and security forces which killed more than 100 people last... More »

24 Killed in Pakistan Blasts

Dozens more injured by two bombs near Islamabad

(Newser) - A government-owned bus exploded early this morning in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, killing everyone on board, reports the Washington Post. While emergency crews were responding to the scene, a second bomb tore through a market area in the military city near the capital of Islamabad. The death toll currently stands at 24,... More »

No Terrorists at the Top of the Pops

Pakistani pop ballad deeper than it sounds, Salon 's Leonard says

(Newser) - A certain Pakistani pop song would be piffle if it were a love song, but it's not: it's an anti-terrorist ballad, an emblem of a “society-wide identity crisis,”  and as such it has meaning, writes Salon’s Andrew Leonard. Eight pop idols recorded the “We Are... More »

Red Mosque Inspires Clone

Pakistani Militants take over another mosque, name it after scene of bloody siege

(Newser) - The Red Mosque has become a franchise: pro-Taliban militants have occupied a different shrine in northwestern Pakistan and renamed it after the Islamabad mosque where 102 people died after a protracted siege. The fighters also promise to build a girls' seminary to replace the one that was destroyed by Pakistani... More »

13 Dead in Red Mosque Blast

Islamist students occupy Islamabad mosque -- again

(Newser) - Thirteen people were killed today by a bomb that rocked a hotel near the Pakistan's Red Mosque after Islamist students occupied the shrine—again—demanding the release of the mosque's pro-Taliban cleric. Workers had just finished repainting the mosque, in the wake of the bloody siege that ended in more... More »

Musharraf Faces Bumpy Road to Re-Election

Bhutto mounts challenge to second presidential term

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf is facing yet another hurdle: Benazir Bhutto says she will return to Pakistan to challenge his plans for another presidential term. The exiled ex-PM tells the Sunday Times she is considering abandoning talks with the increasingly unpopular Musharraf, embarrassed last week after the country's Supreme Court reinstated the... More »

Death Toll in Red Mosque Siege Tops 80

Commandos clear compound after 8-day standoff, 35-hour battle

(Newser) - Soldiers completed the takeover of the Red Mosque early today, removing the final militants who had occupied the Islamabad compound during an 8-day siege. At least 80 were killed and 33 wounded in the past week, including 50 radicals and 10 soldiers in the climactic 35-hour final assault. "Now... More »

Mosque Siege Ends; Cleric Dead

Crossfire takes out militants' leader

(Newser) - Pakistani army troops stormed Islamabad's Red Mosque early today, ending the siege that had dragged on for over a week and killing at least 50 militants and their leader, the highest-ranking cleric still within the compound. The interior ministry told the Times of London that Abdul Rashid Ghazi was attempting... More »

Radicals Kill Pakistani Colonel

Mosque crisis continues, as Islamic students remain barricaded inside

(Newser) - A Pakistani colonel leading an attempt to breach the walls of a mosque where Islamic students are holed up has been shot and killed, the BBC reports. Since last Tuesday, when the standoff began, 20 people are believed to have died. Pakistan's President Musharraf has said the Islamic fighters "... More »

Red Mosque Holdouts Vow to Die

Pakistani government halts assault to allow women to escape, but rejects anything but unconditional surrender

(Newser) - The militant cleric in Islamabad's besieged Red Mosque who yesterday suggested a negotiated surrender today said he and his followers would martyr themselves, after the government refused to negotiate. Nineteen people have been killed since the stand-off began four days ago; several hundred students are estimated to remain inside the... More »

Hundreds at Pakistani Mosque Surrender

Troops seal off area around radical outpost

(Newser) - About 700 students have agreed to leave Islamabad's Red Mosque under pressure from Pakistani police surrounding the compound, the BBC reports. Several thousand people, including students as young as 10, remain inside the radical mosque after a clash between security forces and dissidents yesterday killed 10 and wounded 140. More »

Pakistan Mosque Battle Kills 9

Islamic students clash with security forces in shootout; 140 wounded

(Newser) - A heavy gun battle between Pakistan's government and armed students at a radical mosque has left nine dead, the BBC reports. The melee lasted throughout the day as soldiers traded fire with militant students at Islamabad's controversial Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque. Among the dead were three female students, a... More »

Pakistani Soldiers Storm Mosque

50 militants killed in day of fighting; hostages' fate unknown

(Newser) - Almost 60 people are confirmed dead and dozens more feared killed 12 hours after the Pakistani army launched an all-out assault on the Red Mosque in Islamabad. A general says that most of the mosque is now under control, but militants continue to resist with rocket launchers and booby traps.... More »

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