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Court Rules Sex Still Matters for Women Over 50

Case involved a woman who underwent a botched gynecological surgery

(Newser) - A less ordinary ruling out of Europe on Tuesday: The continent's Court of Human Rights found that three Portuguese judges erred in deciding that sex is less important for older women, reports the AP . The case involves Maria Morais, a then-50-year-old who in 1995 underwent a gynecological surgery after... More »

Judge Rules in Favor of 'Never Trump' Delegate

Virginia can't force him to vote against his conscience

(Newser) - A GOP delegate from Virginia who says his conscience won't let him vote for Donald Trump scored a big victory in federal court Monday. The judge ruled that Virginia can't force Carroll Correll Jr. to vote for Trump because a state law requiring Republican National Committee delegates to... More »

Ruling Makes Sharing Your Netflix Password a Federal Crime

But the FBI likely won't come knocking

(Newser) - Have you ever used a shared password for Netflix, Hulu, or HBO GO? If so, you might now be an "unwitting federal criminal" thanks to an appeals court's finding that people who share passwords are subject to prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA, Time ... More »

Forced Oral Sex Isn't Rape If Victim Is Drunk: Court

Oklahoma judges say law's language doesn't apply to the unconscious

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Tulsa say Oklahoma's Court of Criminal Appeals misfired badly by ruling that the state's forcible sodomy law isn't applicable to intoxicated or unconscious victims, reports UPI . In what Benjamin Fu, Tulsa County assistant DA, calls an "insane" and "dangerous" interpretation of the law,... More »

SCOTUS Rules on Gay Adoption, Apple ... Batmobile

And other Supreme Court decisions on this busy Monday

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Alabama's top court went too far when it tried to upend a lesbian mother's adoption of her longtime partner's children, the AP reports. Before their breakup, one partner bore three children; the other formally adopted them in Georgia, which they were... More »

Judge Refuses to Drop Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Baltimore judge also ruled State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby won't be recused

(Newser) - Written motions finally evolved into verbal arguments this morning in Baltimore, where defense attorneys for two of the six officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray tried to have said charges dismissed and the office of State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby recused from the case—attempts that... More »

Wisconsin Labor Law Gutting Collective Bargaining Upheld

Gov. Scott Walker's Act 10 legislation survived all challenges

(Newser) - Collective bargaining is not a constitutional right, but a matter of "legislative grace," the Wisconsin Supreme Court says. The court’s ruling today kills the last challenge to Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 labor law with a 5-2 vote. The legislation , held up in its entirety, bans... More »

Secret Tapes of Gitmo Force-Feedings Do Exist

Well, at least tapes of one detainee being force-fed

(Newser) - In an unprecedented ruling, non-government officials have been given the go-ahead to view secret recordings that depict force-feedings at Guantanamo Bay—a ruling that by its nature establishes the fact that these tapes actually do exist, reports the Guardian . A federal judge yesterday ruled that lawyers for Abu Wa’el... More »

5 Guilty in Russian Journo's 2006 Murder

Anna Politkovskaya's work angered the Kremlin

(Newser) - Five men have been found guilty in the 2006 slaying of 48-year-old Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya , whose investigative reporting criticized President Vladimir Putin, the war in Chechnya, and Chechen leadership. Three of the men are brothers from Chechnya, one of whom has been found guilty of the shooting itself, which... More »

Judge: Mom Can Ban Dad From Delivery Room

NJ judge cites woman's right to privacy

(Newser) - A first-of-its-kind ruling is not likely to win much favor with fathers. A woman may ban her baby's daddy from the delivery room during birth, a New Jersey judge decided in a November court hearing as a mother gave her arguments ... while in labor. "The intensity was at... More »

Court Ruling Saves Lone Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

State could have been first with none if law had stood

(Newser) - Mississippi's only abortion clinic will remain open—at least for now—following a federal judge's ruling yesterday that blocked part of a state law requiring abortion clinic doctors to have local hospital admitting privileges. The two doctors behind most abortions at the Jackson Women's Health Organization lack... More »

Airline Fined for Kicking Non-Jewish Flyer Off Plane

Pro-Palestinian activist was removed for having no Israeli passport

(Newser) - A French court has fined Air France nearly $13,000 for removing a pro-Palestinian activist from a flight headed for Tel Aviv, Israel, UPI reports. The airline was also ordered to pay about $3,900 to the passenger, 30-year-old Horia Ankour, who was trying to attend a "Welcome to... More »

Pot Shops Must Grow Dope on Premises: Calif. Court

Ruling likely to shut down most storefronts

(Newser) - California cities can't simply ban medical marijuana shops—but the dispensaries must grow their own pot, an appeals court in the state has unanimously ruled. The city of Lake Forest had been trying to implement, in the appeals court's words, "a total bar contradicting state law" on... More »

Man Must Pay Ex for Lack of Sex

He owes former wife about $14K for 21 years of sexless marriage

(Newser) - A French judge may have just sent Viagra sales soaring: He ruled that a 51-year-old man in southern France must pay his wife about $14,000 for "lack of sex over 21 years of marriage." The judge referred to Article 215 of France's civil code, which says... More »

LiLo Flipped Off Court

What not to say to a judge

(Newser) - Next time Lindsay Lohan's at a probation hearing, she might want to skip the message on her middle fingernail that says "eff you." The words can be seen in a blown up Getty photo written on the bird-flipping finger of her left hand as she sits at the... More »

Chinese Prof Gets 3½ Years for Sex Parties

18 who plead guilty got lighter sentences

(Newser) - A Chinese college professor was sentenced to three and a half years in prison yesterday for holding private orgies and running a swingers' club. Computer science lecturer Ma Yaohai, 53, was convicted of licentiousness; 21 others got off easier because they pleaded guilty. Ma's defiance has struck a chord in... More »

Court Smacks Down FCC in Net Neutrality Case

Agency had no standing to regulate Comcast, 3-judge panel rules

(Newser) - A federal court today said the FCC does not have the power to force Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. The ruling, in a closely watched case concerning Comcast's ban on BitTorrent, is a blow to the Obama administration’s crusade for net neutrality. But the FCC failed... More »

Court Backs Cell-Tower Haters

Aesthetics a valid reason for town to deny permission, Calif. judges say

(Newser) - Ghastly cell towers are proving to be little match for vista-loving communities: Palos Verdes Estates, a wealthy enclave near Los Angeles, took Sprint to court over proposed towers—and won, as have a number of other California towns. “You want cell coverage, but you also want beauty,” a... More »

Minnesota Supremes: Franken Won Senate Race

(Newser) - The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of Democrat Al Franken in the Senate election battle there, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The court decided that Republican Norm Coleman’s challenge of a lower court’s ruling did not merit reconsideration, the Pioneer Press adds. Though Coleman may... More »

SC Court Orders Gov to Take Stimulus Cash

(Newser) - The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Mark Sanford must apply for $700 million in federal stimulus money aimed at education that the governor had strenuously resisted, the State reports. The state’s General Assembly had already mandated the move, but Sanford argued it had no authority to... More »

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