Air France Flight 447

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What the Jet Search Has Cost the World

At $44M so far, it's on its way to most expensive in history

(Newser) - As searchers listen for pings in the Indian Ocean that might help them find the missing Flight 370, Reuters assesses the cost of the hunt after a month and finds that it's on track to become the most expensive search in aviation history. Reuters figures that the militaries of... More »

Human Error Took Down Air France Flight

Pilots never realized plane was in stall, says final report

(Newser) - Today hasn't been the most praiseworthy day for mankind. On the heels of a report that Fukushima was a man-made disaster comes the final report on Air France's 2009 crash, and it cites human error as well. Investigators list a combination of "human and technical factors" as... More »

'Autopilot Addiction' Doomed Air France Flight

Startling lack of training endangers passengers, experts say

(Newser) - Airbus likes to boast that its A330 jet is "pilot-proof," but that sentiment may have helped trigger one of the worst airline disasters in recent years, experts tell ABC . They say that the co-pilots on Air France Flight 447 depended too heavily on the plane's autopilot system,... More »

Air France Searchers Recover 75 Bodies

Crash victims pulled from wreckage could be preserved by icy depths

(Newser) - A French search team has pulled another 75 victims of the Air France Flight 447 crash out of the briny depths in recent days, a spokesman for the French military police said today. He would not say what condition the bodies were in, but Reuters notes that the first two... More »

Air France Plane Stalled, Entered 3.5-Minute Plunge

Autopilot shut off hours into flight; captain was resting

(Newser) - Air France Flight 447 slowed, stalled, then began a 3.5-minute plunge into the Atlantic, the investigation into the 2009 crash has found. The autopilot system on the Airbus 330 cut off just after pilots told the cabin crew of coming turbulence; the younger of the two co-pilots then aimed... More »

Air France Black Box: Pilot Wasn't in the Cockpit

Marc Dubois rushed back in while the plane was in trouble

(Newser) - Investigators have made a shocking discovery while analyzing the data from Air France Flight 447’s flight recorder: Pilot Marc Dubois was not in the cockpit when the incident that caused the flight to crash began. In the recordings, Dubois, 58, can be heard rushing into the cockpit after the... More »

Body Recovered From 2009 Air France Crash

But it may not be possible to recover all the bodies found

(Newser) - Following the recovery of the black box and cockpit recorder from the 2009 Air France crash, officials have pulled a passenger's body from the ocean. The French Gendarmerie says the remains, which were still attached to a plane seat, were pulled up this morning. The first search effort after... More »

Air France Recorder Pulled From Atlantic

Investigators hope for clues in 2009 plane crash

(Newser) - On the heels of recovering the black box from the doomed Air France flight that fell out of the sky off the Brazilian coast nearly two years ago, French investigators have pulled the cockpit recorder from the depths of the Atlantic, reports the AP. It's not yet certain whether... More »

Air France Black Box Found

Submarine finds data unit 12,800 feet below surface

(Newser) - The missing memory unit of the flight data recorder of the Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 has been recovered, found yesterday by a submarine some 12,800 feet below the surface, reports AP . The discovery of the "black box"—a red cylinder partially... More »

Bodies Found in Underwater Air France Wreckage

Robots find cabin and engines of crashed jet

(Newser) - Underwater robots have located the bodies of some of those who died in the Air France flight 447 crash two years ago, France’s Ecology Minister revealed on the radio today. “We have bodies… there are bodies that are still in the parts that have been found,” the... More »

Wreckage Found From 2009 Air France Crash

It could shed light on what brought down jet, killing 228

(Newser) - Investigators might finally get a better idea of why an Air France flight crashed into the Atlantic nearly two years ago and killed all 228 aboard. A fourth deep-sea search led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has yielded plane parts believed to be from the Airbus 330, reports the... More »

Computer Crash May Have Doomed Air France Flight

Crash raises questions on if today's pilots can cope with computer failure

(Newser) - Investigators trying to piece together the fate of Air France Flight 447 in the absence of its black boxes are focusing on possible computer failures, the Wall Street Journal reports. The evidence suggests a problem with the sensors quickly snowballed into widespread computer outages, leaving the crew struggling to manage... More »

Brazil Ends Hunt for Flight 447 Victims

(Newser) - Brazil's Navy and Air Force gave up their search for Air France Flight 447 victims today, citing the difficulty of finding bodies and wreckage 25 days after the crash, Reuters reports. "It's already been nine days without seeing any bodies," a Brazilian officer said. French ships will remain,... More »

Airbus Glitches Probed on 2 New Flights

Cockpit sensors failed in same model as crashed Air France jet

(Newser) - Federal investigators are probing two recent incidents in which speed and altitude sensors malfunctioned on Airbus 330s, USA Today reports. The failures, one on a Northwest Airlines flight and one on Brazil's TAM Airlines, are similar to those being investigated in the crash of an Air France A330 earlier this... More »

Air France Pilot's Body Found

(Newser) - The body of the pilot of the Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic on June 1 has been recovered, Reuters reports. A pilots union identified him as Marc Dubois, a 58-year-old Frenchman who had 21 years of experience at the airline. A male steward also was identified. More... More »

Bolivian TV's Flight 447 Photos Actually From Lost

News program apologizes after gaffe

(Newser) - In what was either a bizarre prank or heinous gaffe, a Bolivian TV station broadcast two photographs last week from the ABC series Lost as exclusive photos from the final moments of Air France Flight 447, the Telegraph reports. The first shows passengers in an aircraft cabin using oxygen masks,... More »

Signals Detected, but Officials Deny They're Flight 447's

Submarine sent to probe ocean floor

(Newser) - Rescuers are hot on the track of signals picked up deep in the Atlantic that could be from one of Air France Flight 447's black boxes, Le Monde reported today, but a French official denied that the signals could be originating from the doomed plane's flight recorder. “The black... More »

I Know What Happened to Flight 447: Trump

Posts theory on his blog about 'plastic rudders'

(Newser) - Donald Trump: entrepreneur, reality show host, airline safety investigator. The real estate mogul has a friend who makes handcarts out of the same material the Airbus 330 rudders are made of, so the Donald has a theory about Air France Flight 447, the New York Post reports. More »

Air France Airbuses Get New Speed Sensors

(Newser) - All of Air France’s long-haul Airbus jets have had their airspeed sensors replaced, AFP reports. A pilots union says the airline accelerated its program to switch out questionable pitot tubes on A330s and A340s. Though the circumstances are unknown, some think a faulty sensor could have caused Flight 447... More »

Terrorists Didn't Down Flight 447: Autopsies

(Newser) - Autopsy reports indicate that Air France flight 447 did not crash because of a terrorist strike, the Independent reports. Examinations of the first 16 bodies—all recovered whole—show no signs of explosion, fire, or penetration by shards of metal. The autopsy details, leaked to the Brazilian press this weekend,... More »

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