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North Korea 'Executes Official With Flamethrower'

Horrific death came amid round of purges, source claims

(Newser) - Has Pyongyang started incinerating enemies of the state? At least 11 high-ranking officials in North Korea have been imprisoned or executed as part of another round of purges following the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle , including a security chief who was burned alive with a flamethrower, according to... More »

Kim Jong Un Grabs 100% of Vote in 'Election'

Turnout was 100%, too

(Newser) - In results that may have been influenced by the likelihood of dissenting voters being shot or sent to labor camps along with their families, Kim Jong Un has won a landslide victory in what passes for an election in North Korea . The country's official news agency says the leader... More »

North Korea Holds So-Called 'Elections'

Rubber-stamp process gives Kim Jong-Un a chance to reorganize

(Newser) - It's election time in North Korea, meaning there's only one candidate running per office in the Supreme People's Assembly, and voters have two options: writing "Yes" or "No" on the ballots, the BBC reports. Not only that, voters who don't support the ruling Workers'... More »

North Korea to Execute 33 Who Talked to Missionary

According to reports, those who converted will be put to death

(Newser) - More reported brutality in North Korea: A source tells the Chosun Ilbo that 33 North Koreans will be executed because they were connected to a South Korean missionary who was arrested in the North last year. Kim Jung Wook made his first public appearance since his arrest on Thursday, admitting... More »

Rodman's N. Korea Exploits Inspire Comedy Film

'Diplomats' movie will take its cues from Rodman's recent antics

(Newser) - Dennis Rodman's North Korea " basketball diplomacy " already sounded like something out of a ridiculous movie ... so it's fitting that an upcoming comedy film was inspired by Rodman's mission and ensuing friendship with Kim Jong Un. The pitch for Diplomats has been purchased by 20th Century... More »

Stop Laughing at North Korea

Mockery isn't the right response to this horror: Clive Crook

(Newser) - Many years ago, Clive Crook green-lit an Economist cover featuring what at the time was a rare photo of Kim Jong Il, underneath the headline, "Greetings, earthlings." It was inspired, and "people still mention it to me unprompted as their favorite Economist cover," Crook writes at... More »

UN: Punish N. Korea, Kim for 'Unspeakable Atrocities'

Report urges prosecution, crimes against humanity for Kim Jong Un

(Newser) - A hard-hitting United Nations report out today is expected to contain hundreds of pages of details of the horrors people have suffered under the North Korean regime—and call for those behind the "unspeakable atrocities" to be punished. That includes Kim Jong Un, who got a personal letter from... More »

North Korea: Here's How Kim's Uncle Really Died

He was shot to death, North Korea's ambassador to UK says

(Newser) - Did Kim Jong Un really feed his uncle alive to 120 starved dogs? In North Korea's version of the story, nope. "He was shot to death," the country's ambassador to the UK, Hyun Hak Bong, tells Sky News in what may be the first English-language interview... More »

In North Korea, You Want Meth With That?

The drug is everywhere, not frowned upon, and a budding cottage industry

(Newser) - North Korea's growing drug problems are fairly well documented, and the Los Angeles Times today takes a deeper dive into the reasons driving the rise, particularly that of crystal meth. In a harsh nation where the sins of an uncle can doom an entire branch of the family tree... More »

Kim Eradicated Uncle's Whole Family: Report

Brothers' children, grandchildren executed: South Korean news

(Newser) - Following the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle , Jang Song Thaek , reports claimed that hundreds of Jang's relatives had been arrested . Now, a source tells South Korea's Yonhap News Agency , "all relatives of Jang have been put to death, including even children." Among them are... More »

Rodman in Snag Over Kim's Fancy Birthday Gifts

He's being investigated for breaking US law banning luxury imports to North Korea

(Newser) - Apparently being buddy-buddy with Dennis Rodman has its perks. On his recent trip to Pyongyang, the ex-NBA star is said to have showered Kim Jong Un with more than $10,000 in luxury gifts—including a fur coat, an Italian suit, European crystal, hundreds of dollars worth of Irish Jameson... More »

'Overwhelmed' Rodman Hits Rehab

Basketball player seeks help after drunken meltdown on CNN

(Newser) - America's diplomat in chief to North Korea is out of commission for a while: Dennis Rodman, most recently known for cozying up to murderous baby-faced dictators and drunkenly melting down on CNN , has checked into rehab for alcoholism. He'll spend 30 days at a facility in New Jersey.... More »

North Korea Didn't Pay Us: Ex-NBA Star

Charles Smith: 'I am astute enough' not to take Pyongyang money

(Newser) - Paid by North Korea for a little basketball diplomacy? Not at all, says Charles Smith, a retired NBA veteran who joined Dennis Rodman and other former players on a trip to Pyongyang . "Absolutely not," Smith told CNN in an exclusive interview. "I think I am astute enough... More »

Rodman: Sorry About N. Korea Comments, I Was Drunk

'I embarrassed a lot of people'

(Newser) - Too many cold ones with Kim Jong Un? Dennis Rodman blames booze and the collapse of his North Korean "basketball diplomacy" dreams for his bizarre outburst about imprisoned American missionary Kenneth Bae. "It had been a very stressful day," the former NBA star tells the AP . "... More »

Rodman Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong Un

Tour guide: It was 'surreal'

(Newser) - Yesterday saw Dennis Rodman participate in a super weird CNN interview, and the bizarre saga of Rodman in North Korea didn't end there. The former NBA player today sang "Happy Birthday" to "best friend" Kim Jong Un, the AP reports. The performance, before an exhibition game involving... More »

Dennis Rodman Has Meltdown in N. Korea Interview

Doesn't handle question about Kenneth Bae well, to say the least

(Newser) - Here's a sampling of the headlines circulating your Internet regarding Dennis Rodman's ... interesting interview with CNN this morning from North Korea :
  • "Dennis Rodman Loses It During CNN Interview from Pyongyang" ( The Wire )
  • "Dennis Rodman Launches Into A Weird, Screaming Rant During CNN Interview" (
... More »

At Root of Dogs-Ate-Uncle Claim: Joking Tweet?

Satirist was likely source of Kim Jong Un rumors, blogger argues

(Newser) - Amid the debate over whether Kim Jong Un truly did feed his uncle to starving dogs comes this tidbit: a tweet penned by a satirist may be the "source" of the story. Reuters reports this chain of events: On Dec. 11, a post making such a claim appeared... More »

Rodman Back in N. Korea With NBA Old-Timers

Country's not so bad, he insists

(Newser) - Dennis Rodman is back in Pyongyang for yet another visit, accompanied by a team of former NBA stars who will play a North Korean team in an exhibition game to celebrate Kim Jong Un's birthday this week. Rodman calls it "basketball diplomacy" and brushes off suggestions that he... More »

Did North Korea's Kim Really Sic Dogs on His Uncle?

Pundits weigh in on why we should, or shouldn't, give the story credence

(Newser) - Yesterday's story that Kim Jong Un executed his uncle with a pack of starving dogs is amazing even by North Korea standards. But is it true? The consensus out there seems to be probably not—although there's a definite sentiment that the regime is so crazy it would... More »

Claim: Kim Fed Uncle Alive to 120 Starved Dogs

Account, first published by Hong Kong paper, hasn't been verified

(Newser) - What's a fitting way to execute a man labeled "worse than a dog" ? If an unconfirmed newspaper report is to be believed, by stripping him naked, throwing him in a cage, and feeding him alive to 120 hungry hounds. NBC News picks up Hong Kong-based paper Wen ... More »

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