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Feds Detain 1st DREAMer in Immigration Raids

Seattle man was brought to US as a child

(Newser) - The first case of many? A man brought to the US from Mexico as a child is being detained by immigration authorities despite having been granted a work permit under President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals plan, Fusion reports. Daniel Ramirez Medina, 23, was arrested when Immigration and... More »

K9 Units Are Falling Victim to Powerful, Dangerous Drug

Police dogs are more susceptible than humans to dangers of fentanyl

(Newser) - Police officers conducting drug raids with their K9 units are now dealing with what the DEA has called an "unprecedented threat": fentanyl, the same powerful opioid that killed Prince earlier this year. Both the Miami Herald and NBC News report on the drug's dangers, which the cop canines... More »

In Germany, a Massive Raid, a Ban on the 'True Religion'

Islamic group accused of radicalizing teens

(Newser) - Hundreds of police officers searched about 190 offices, mosques, and apartments of members and supporters of the Islamic group "The True Religion" as the German government announced a ban of the organization Tuesday, the AP reports. Police raided places in 60 cities in western Germany and Berlin seizing documents... More »

UK Charges 9 After Terror Raids

Young men nabbed in 'significant' plot; 3 released

(Newser) - Following terror raids last week across several British cities, nine men have been charged with conspiring to cause explosions and preparing for terrorism, the BBC reports. Three others were let go without charges. The men, whose ages span from 19 to 28, are from Cardiff, East London, and Stoke-on-Trent. They... More »

Brit Terror Suspects Targeted Holiday Shoppers

Arrests 'absolutely necessary': police

(Newser) - The 12 men arrested yesterday across Britain sought to attack holiday shoppers in multi-city, synchronized bombings. The raids marked the first discovery of an alleged terrorist plot by people of Bangladeshi origin, the Independent notes. Bangladesh has become a terror training site since travelers to Pakistan began facing tighter security.... More »

Belgium Charges 9 After Terror Raids

Authorities cite plot against unknown Belgian target

(Newser) - Authorities charged nine people today in a Belgian anti-terror court following yesterday's raids in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Belgium charged 7 for plotting an attack on an unknown target within the country; they include 6 Belgian-Moroccans and a “Russian of Chechen origin.”... More »

Immigration Dragnets Catch US Citizens, Too

Legal residents have been detained, deported

(Newser) - Workplace raids and jail sweeps have become popular ways to enforce US immigration law, but they often result in the detention of legal residents, the Los Angeles Times reports. It can take months, sometimes years, to clear up, because many citizens don’t have proof of their legal status, few... More »

Med Marijuana Backers Cheer End to Raids

(Newser) - Supporters of medical marijuana are celebrating a remark by Attorney General Eric Holder that went largely unnoticed this week, MSNBC reports. Asked about federal drug raids on state-approved dispensaries that led to 775 arrests, Holder said such busts are a thing of the past. What President Obama "said during... More »

Cops Raid Gov't Offices in Olmert Fraud Inquiry

Israelis probe PM's perks, appointments

(Newser) - Israeli police confiscated documents from 20 sites today as part of a probe into fraud allegations against PM Ehud Olmert, reports Reuters. Some 100 department of fraud officers stormed the trade and industry ministry, the Jewish National Fund, and private law offices, among others. Olmert is accused of securing an... More »

Immigration Busts Have Whiff of Politics

Raids on the rise, as White House tries to impress conservatives

(Newser) - Massive workplace raids, conducted by armed federal agents and targeting illegal immigrants, are on the rise, and the reason, critics charge, is that the White House wants to curry favor with conservatives. In the first five months of '07, Salon reports, 3,226 undocumented workers were arrested in these expensive... More »

Fake Raids Test Iraqi Reconstruction

U.S. aid to small businesses works only if it's invisible. Otherwise, companies get 'immediately shot or blown up.'

(Newser) - The American military is staging fake raids on Iraqi small businesses to confirm that US aid is being well spent—without tipping off insurgents that they have any US connection. "The only way things will work is if the US contribution is totally invisible," says a civil-affairs officer,... More »

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