Whatever Works

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Curb Star in Woody's Latest ... Eh, Whatever

(Newser) - Woody Allen! Larry David! It sounds like a match made in comedy heaven, but the results are more like purgatory, according to the critics. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • Whatever Works is one of Allen’s worst movies, writes Claudia Puig of USA Today. David’s Boris “is
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Seinfeld Curse? Don't Be Absurd: Larry David

Whatever Works star gets prickly

(Newser) - If you ever run into Larry David, don't bring up the Seinfeld curse. Scott Raab, who interviewed David for Esquire, learned the hard way. "It was the most absurd, silliest, stupidest thing to say that there was a curse," said the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Woody... More »

2 Stories