Green Bay

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Viral Stunt or Genuinely Creepy? Scary Clown Strolls

With black balloons, no less, in Green Bay

(Newser) - Coulrophobes might want to steer clear of Wisconsin for a while. Some creeped-out people in Green Bay have been calling police about a clown wandering around with a bouquet of black balloons, reports USA Today . The clown was spotted at 2am Monday, though it's unclear whether he's surfaced... More »

Obama Jots Excuse for Hooky-Playing 4th-Grader

Girl skips last day to see president's Green Bay talk

(Newser) - A 10-year-old in Wisconsin missed her last day of school to watch President Obama speak—so he wrote her an excuse note. Kennedy Corpus’ father noted that she was missing school before asking a question, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. “Do you need me to write a note?” the... More »

Obama: Fix Health Care Now or We'll Pay Price Later

(Newser) - President Obama took his push for health-care reform on the road today. Speaking to a town hall meeting in Green Bay, Obama broke no new ground on initiatives but reiterated his goal to have a law through Congress by the fall, the Los Angeles Times reports. He urged people to... More »

3 Stories