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Taylor Swift Reveals What She's Up To

As many predicted, she's releasing a new album

(Newser) - Taylor Swift had the internet buzzing about what she might be up to after her social media accounts recently went dark and then came back to life with snakes ( lots of snakes ). And on Wednesday, she revealed the answer: She's releasing another album, Reputation, due out Nov.... More »

Taylor Swift's Snake Video Sends Internet Into Frenzy

She's definitely up to something, it's not clear what

(Newser) - First, Taylor Swift blacked out her entire online presence . Then, on Monday, she returned to social media—but all she shared was a mysterious video of a snake . The internet is going nuts trying to figure out what she's up to:
  • CNN speculates the snake video could be some
... More »

Curious Social Media Move by Swift Sparks Album Rumors

All posts and photos on starlet's pages have vanished

(Newser) - Three years after dropping her Grammy-winning album 1989, speculation over when fans will get a new record from Taylor Swift has reached a fever pitch. According to Pitchfork , the pop star mysteriously blacked out her online presence—all photos and posts on Swift’s Instagram , Twitter , and Facebook accounts have... More »

Victory for Taylor Swift in Groping Case

Jury orders David Mueller to pay her $1

(Newser) - Victory for Taylor Swift in her groping case against a former DJ: The jury ruled in her favor Monday, ordering David Mueller to pay her $1 in damages, CNN reports. After Swift accused Mueller of groping her during a meet-and-greet event in 2013 and he subsequently lost his job, he... More »

Case Not Over, but Taylor Swift Scores Big Court Win

Judge tosses ex-DJ's case against her personally

(Newser) - Taylor Swift teared up and hugged her attorneys after a judge determined a former radio host did not prove she personally set out to have him fired for allegedly groping her at a photo op before a concert. But the singer's ordeal isn't over quite yet. While US... More »

Bodyguard: I Saw DJ Reach Under Swift's Skirt

He testifies on 4th day of civil trial

(Newser) - Taylor Swift's former bodyguard testified Friday that he saw a DJ reach under her skirt a moment before a photographer snapped their picture during a meet-and-greet where the singer says the radio host groped her, the AP reports. Security guard Greg Dent, who no longer works for Swift, said... More »

Swift: DJ 'Stayed Attached to My Bare Ass-Cheek'

Singer testifies in groping lawsuit

(Newser) - Taylor Swift testified Thursday that a former radio DJ reached under her skirt and intentionally grabbed her backside underneath her skirt during a meet-and-greet photo session before a 2013 concert in Denver, the AP reports. "He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him,"... More »

Taylor Swift's Mom: Groping Left Singer 'Humiliated'

Testimony continues over her daughter's encounter with DJ

(Newser) - Taylor Swift's mother testified Wednesday that she didn't call police to report allegations that a radio station DJ groped her daughter because she didn't want the moment to define the pop star's life. Her testimony highlighted an initial attempt to keep the encounter in Denver out... More »

Lawyer: DJ Isn't Groping Taylor Swift in Photo

As her lawyers allege

(Newser) - A former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift before a concert testified Tuesday that he may have touched the pop superstar's ribs with a closed hand as he tried to jump into a photo with her but insisted he did not touch her backside as she claims. David... More »

Swift Seeking $1 for Guilty Verdict in Groping Case

Singer hopes to inspire women to stand up against 'humiliating acts'

(Newser) - A few moments at a backstage photo session four years ago are about to be relived, as lawyers for pop star Taylor Swift and a former disc jockey she accuses of groping her begin picking jurors Monday in their dueling lawsuits. Radio host David Mueller sued the singer-songwriter, saying he... More »

Epic Feud Over? Katy Perry Apologizes to Taylor Swift

'I'm sorry for anything I ever did'

(Newser) - One of the celeb world's more entertaining feuds may be history: Katy Perry is saying nice things about Taylor Swift. Now the world must wait and see whether Swift reciprocates. In an interview with Arianna Huffington while plugging her album Witness, Perry offered this up: "I forgive her,... More »

Katy Perry: Taylor Is Trying to 'Assassinate My Character'

Singer addresses feud with Swift

(Newser) - The Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud is alive and well. Perry addressed it in late May on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke (indeed, Vanity Fair says the topic was "the centerpiece" of the segment), thanks in part to the fact that she just released a song, " Swish, Swish ,"... More »

Gyllenhaal Really Doesn't Want to Talk About T-Swift

'Guardian' interview gets weird

(Newser) - Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to be promoting his new sci-fi/horror film Life, but instead, the Guardian 's headline ended up focused on the actor's refusal to discuss his personal life. Things went south when interviewer Tim Jonze asked whether Gyllenhaal considers himself an "intensely private" person. Gyllenhaal... More »

10 Highest-Paid Musicians in the World

Somehow Diddy makes the list

(Newser) - Taylor Swift is officially bigger than the Rolling Stones—at least in North America. In Forbes ' list of the 30 highest-paid musicians of 2016, Swift takes the top spot by breaking the North American touring record formerly held by the Rolling Stones. She also has endorsements in the seven... More »

This Is Likely the Real Hiddleswift Story

Was the whole thing just a fling made to look like a relationship?

(Newser) - Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have broken up , apparently after three months of true romance. But as TMZ points out, the whole thing may have really been just a fling. Swift and Hiddleston were first spotted together at the Met Gala in May, while Swift was still technically dating Calvin... More »

The Summer of Hiddleswift Is Over

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have broken up

(Newser) - As surely as the leaves are changing their color and children are returning to school, the summer of Hiddleswift is over. People reports Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have broken up after just three months of dating. But what a three months it was. They made the internet squee in... More »

Taylor Swift Serves Jury Duty

Gets dismissed due to potential bias

(Newser) - Celebrities are just like us: They skip the MTV Video Music Awards so that they can serve jury duty the following morning. Well, OK, we don't know for sure that's why Taylor Swift was absent from Sunday night's VMAs in New York, but that's what Business ... More »

Taylor Swift Gives $1M to Louisiana Flood Victims

Singer calls devastation 'heartbreaking'

(Newser) - Louisiana was good to Taylor Swift and now the singer is giving back in the form of a $1 million donation to help victims of the devastating floods that have killed at least 11 people, reports the AP . The 26-year-old says the donation is a big thank you to her... More »

Leaked Taylor Swift Call Was a Calculated Move

TMZ finds secret recording didn't break the law

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian didn't just reignite the feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift when she leaked a phone conversation between the pair on Sunday. As Vulture reports, she was also dangerously close to breaking recording laws—though TMZ reports Kardashian is actually in the clear. While plenty of states... More »

Kardashian Leaks Call, Reignites Taylor, Kanye Feud

Swift says she wasn't lying about reaction to 'bitch' lyric

(Newser) - It's Taylor vs. Kanye, part 242, with a dash of Kim Kardashian. West's famous wife stirred the pot of beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West on Sunday, when on Snapchat, she posted video of a phone call between the rapper and pop superstar about his song "... More »

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