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Is Kim Jong-Un a Reformer?

Signs point to the potential for actual change in North Korea

(Newser) - Don't get your hopes up too high, but Kim Jong Un has been sending signals that he could be a very different kind of ruler than his dad. Recent Kim speeches have included promises to "improve people's living standards," and even rebukes of other officials for... More »

Obama Plan: Turn Wall Street Anger on Romney

But OWS protesters may have different ideas

(Newser) - With Occupy Wall Street building momentum across the US and even the world , the White House has decided to make that anger a central line of attack against Mitt Romney and the Republicans in the 2012 election, reports the Washington Post . “One of the main elements of the contrast... More »

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

Protesters stage rallies in cities around the world

(Newser) - As planned , protests in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street are taking place around the world today. Cities in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne had large turnouts) and Asia (Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei, to name a few) started things off, with rallies in major cities across Europe and elsewhere... More »

Zimbabwe Central Bank Stole Cash to Stay Solvent

Governor admits pilfering private accounts to keep ministries running

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's central bank governor admits he took money from bank accounts of private businesses and foreign aid groups without permission to keep the country's cash-strapped ministries running. Gideon Gono said today he loaned money from the private hard-currency accounts to the government. He says the accounts will be reimbursed when... More »

Beijing May Let Farmers Sell Land Rights

Party may announce reform, bringing cash into rural economy

(Newser) - China is poised to announce a sweeping reform that would allow rural farmers to sell land use rights, the New York Times reports. Communist Party officials, meeting this weekend, hope the move will reignite double-digit economic growth and stave off looming recession. It could also curb the thousands of riots... More »

Candidates Get the Economy Wrong: Pundits

McCain is out of touch and off-message; Obama is reckless

(Newser) - With the economy in trouble, John McCain and Barack Obama have been talking economics. How are they doing?
  • Not very well, says the Wall Street Journal, declaring that the candidates “appear to know more about Mars than they do about financial markets.” Obama’s offering a return to
... More »

New Taiwan President Makes China Overtures

Ma Ying-jeou seeks closer link between Beijing, Taipei

(Newser) - Since his election as Taiwan's president last March, Ma Ying-jeou has already begun negotiations with Beijing and moved to bring mainland Chinese tourists to the island. In an English-language interview with the New York Times, Ma sets out an ambitious plan for new cross-strait relations: direct links via air and... More »

Paulson Unveils Regulatory Reforms: No Quick Fix

Focus of plan including new oversight for Fed extends beyond current woes

(Newser) - The "transformative" changes Henry Paulson has in mind for the regulation of the US economy will take years to implement, the Treasury Secretary said today. The plan would greatly increase the Fed's oversight powers, regulate the insurance industry for the first time, and add federal oversight of the mortgage... More »

China Embraces Private Property

Bill reassures urban middle class, decried by advocates of the poor

(Newser) - China's burgeoning middle class will be feeling a little more secure next week, when the National People's Congress is expected to pass the country's first property-rights bill. The measure has become a lightening rod for criticism of China’s leadership, with communists using it as evidence that the government is... More »

9 Stories