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Gender Stereotypes Set In Surprisingly Early

Girls at age 6 think boys are smarter

(Newser) - A new study suggests that girls start to view boys as smarter as early as age 6. And that's even though, just a year earlier, boys and girls both associate brilliance with their own gender. "It's really heartbreaking," lead author Lin Bian of the University of... More »

China Is Now Teaching Its 'Effeminate' Boys to Man Up

New textbook 'Little Men' is being introduced in middle schools

(Newser) - China is apparently concerned that its boys are becoming too effeminate. The country's solution: a masculinity-promoting school textbook called Little Men, aimed for use in grades 4 and 5. The illustrated book talks about fathers and sons, and it encourages boys to stress their masculine side, with money management... More »

Study Links Manliness to Depression in Men

Conforming to certain masculine norms plays out negatively in many men

(Newser) - Being sexist results in a double whammy on men's mental health, new research suggests. When men strongly conform to social masculine norms, they're more likely to suffer from ailments such as depression—and the more they cling to these norms, the less likely they are to seek help... More »

Girls Saddled With Far More Chores Than Boys

Worldwide, they spend 40% more time on them than boys

(Newser) - In every corner of the world girls do more housework than boys, and this gender gap starts young and only widens with age. So reports UNICEF in a global analysis that finds girls on average spend 40% more time on household chores than do boys, and that this amounts to... More »

Yearbook Photos Show Our Smiles Have Changed

Photographers used to tell their subjects to say 'prune' instead of 'cheese'

(Newser) - "These days we take for granted that we should smile when our picture is being taken." So write University of California Berkeley researchers, who note that photographers used to tell their subjects to say "prunes" instead of "cheese." That's because it was more fashionable... More »

Mean Girls? Boys Are Even Worse: Study

Researchers survey 620 kids through middle, high school

(Newser) - A journal called Aggressive Behavior has published research disputing the widely-held theory that boys will beat you up, whereas girls will talk behind your back. Actually, the study suggests, boys do both: In scientific terms, they are both "physically" and "relationally" more aggressive than girls. The study followed... More »

Best Friend Kills Boy, 12, With Pellet Gun

Justin Ingle and best friend were playing when accident occurred

(Newser) - A night of fun between two best friends at a sleepover turned deadly when one allegedly accidentally shot the other in the head with a pellet gun, McAlester News-Capital reports. Justin Ingle, 12, died Saturday at a Tulsa, Okla., hospital of head trauma, reports the Raw Story . The incident happened... More »

Michigan Couple Gives Birth to 12th Son

The bride's family still foots the bill for the wedding, right?

(Newser) - A Michigan family welcomed their 12th child. And, shocker, it's a boy—just like the other 11. Jay and Kateri Schwandt believed the latest baby might break the gender streak, especially after Kateri, known as Teri, was nine days past her due date. That was unusual for the 38-year-old'... More »

Child Python Victims Played in Snake Case: Pics

Autopsy finds boys died from asphyxiation

(Newser) - The mother of two small boys strangled by a 100-pound python in their sleep earlier this week in Canada had posted photos on Facebook last year of the boys playing in and cleaning her neighbor's snake enclosure. Mandy Trecartin's Facebook page has hundreds of photos of her sons,... More »

Boys May Shorten Their Moms' Lives

And not just because they become teenage boys

(Newser) - Are sons bad for your health? A Finnish study finds that women who had several don't live as long after the last birth as do women who have daughters. The research, however, may be a bit dated: Researchers reviewed 300 years of parish data, and most of the women... More »

NJ School Bans Cursing —If You're a Girl

Staff wants 'ladies to act like ladies'

(Newser) - New Jersey's Queen of Peace High School would like girls to stop cursing, saying it wants "ladies to act like ladies," a teacher tells the Record . So the Catholic school asked the girls, but not the boys, to take a pledge not to swear, NBC10 reports. The... More »

Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier, Too

It's age 9 in the earliest cases, says study

(Newser) - It's widely accepted at this point that girls are reaching puberty earlier than they used to, and now the same appears to be true of boys. A comprehensive new study says boys are entering puberty somewhere between six months and two years earlier than the textbooks think, reports CNN... More »

Boys Really Do Throw Better

And it may be because of our primitive ancestors

(Newser) - Female softball players, you might want to stop reading now. Researchers say that girls are indeed inherently worse at throwing than boys, reports the Washington Post . The gap in ability starts at a young age and gets progressively bigger. Some say it's all about nurture, because boys are usually... More »

Girls, Boys Equals at Math

Perceived differences a matter of culture, not biology: study

(Newser) - Cross another stereotype off the list: Any differences between men's and women's math abilities are cultural, not innate, a study finds. Studies that have suggested such differences covered too few countries to give an accurate picture, researchers say. The new study, however, reviewed math scores across 86 countries,... More »

'Mama's Boys' Have Better Mental Health

Boys who stay close with mom avoid unhealthy stereotypes

(Newser) - Being what Time describes as a "mama's boy" is good for you, a new study suggests. An Arizona State professor followed 426 boys through middle school to find out when and to what extent they embraced stereotypically male qualities like emotional reserve and physical toughness. He found that boys... More »

Today's Superheroes: Really Bad Role Models

They're all selfish millionaire womanizers

(Newser) - Superheroes aren't what they used to be, and that's bad news for the boys who look up to them, psychologists warn. While old-school heroes like Superman and Green Lantern worked hard at their ordinary day jobs and fought for social justice, too many of today's superheroes are self-serving millionaire playboys,... More »

Boys Convicted of Attempted Rape of Lying Girl

Case triggers heated controversy

(Newser) - Two young boys have been convicted of the attempted rape of an 8-year-old British girl who admitted lying about her attack. The boys, ages 10 and 11, are the youngest ever in the nation to be convicted of such a crime; the verdict provoked immediate controversy, with the pair's lawyer... More »

Girls Learn Math Anxiety From Female Teachers

Instructors transfer bias to students

(Newser) - Girls who buy into the stereotype that boys are better at math may be learning the trait from their own female teachers. Female first-and second-grade teachers worried about their math skills transfer that anxiety onto girls in their classrooms, a new study suggests. Those teachers were more likely to believe... More »

Boys 'Pornified' From Birth

Males encouraged from birth to be sex maniacs

(Newser) - Lyn Brown and Sharon Lamb determined in their 2006 book Packaging Girlhood that our culture conditions girls early on to behave as sexual objects. But what about boys? In their new book, the researchers take a look at the other side of the playground and find that the “stark... More »

Girls Bond, Boys Compete: Brain Study

Scans confirm gender split on one-on-one interaction

(Newser) - Ever wonder why girls are so fixated on swapping friendship bracelets? They may just be wired that way, according to a new study. Using MRIs to look inside tweens' and teens' brains, researchers found that one-on-one interactions got girls’ synapses firing, Time reports. Boys focused less on other individuals than... More »

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