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Worst Student-Loan Payers: 40-Somethings

They claim highest delinquency rate of all age groups

(Newser) - Think recent grads struggle the most with their student loans? Think again. New data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reveals it's actually people aged 40 to 49 with the highest rate of student-loan delinquency. Some 11.9% of people in that age group are behind on... More »

More Americans Falling Behind on Loans

Balances surge on bank credit-cards as Americans struggle to pay bills

(Newser) - Delinquencies on consumer and home-equity loans rose in the first quarter as unemployed Americans struggled to pay their bills, the Wall Street Journal reports. The number of borrowers at least 30 days late on their consumer loans, which include auto loans, rose slightly to 3.23% from the previous quarter.... More »

Credit Card Firms Cut Deals With Delinquents

Newly relaxed policies allow firms to settle for portion of debt

(Newser) - With countless customers running behind on payments, credit card companies are taking it easy on delinquents, letting them off the hook in exchange for partial repayments, the New York Times reports. The firms began easing up on their previous policies last fall, experts say; now they’re letting frontline workers... More »

3 Stories