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Report: Sanctions Taking Toll on N. Korea's Military

Fuel conservation may explain scaled-back military exercises: 'WSJ'

(Newser) - Amid calls for the reunification of "all Koreans," North Korea has scaled back its annual winter military exercises—but likely not out of the goodness of Kim Jong Un's heart. US officials say international sanctions, particularly those restricting fuel imports, have taken a toll on the country.... More »

Key to North Korea's Missile Success: 'Devil's Venom'

It may be too late to cut off supply of rare, highly volatile rocket fuel

(Newser) - A highly volatile fuel known to the Russians as the "Devil's Venom" has been powering the success of North Korea's missile program, analysts say—and it may be too late to cut off its supply. Intelligence memos from as far back as the George W. Bush administration... More »

'Dramatic Turnaround' Projected for Gas Prices

Prices projected to be lower July 4 than on Jan. 1

(Newser) - In what USA Today calls a "stunning" moment for analysts, gas prices are projected to be lower on the Fourth of July than they were on New Year's Day. That's the first time consumer data tool GasBuddy has made such a projection in its 17 years (the... More »

Cops: Virgin Saint Hid a Secret—Until She Leaked It

Trail of fuel leads cops to altar in Mexico used for smuggling

(Newser) - Altars to the Virgin of Guadalupe are ubiquitous at businesses across Mexico. Now federal police say one has even been used in a gasoline-smuggling racket in the central state of Puebla, reports the AP . Police said Tuesday that a trail of fuel leaking into the street in San Martin Texmelucan... More »

Your Roof Rack Is Killing Your Fuel Economy

Having one could make your gas bill go up by 25%: researchers

(Newser) - You could argue that having a roof rack on your car makes it easier to stay fit: Throw a bike or skis on top, head over to the park or slopes, and burn off some calories on the trails. You could also say it makes your car less efficient—and... More »

Plane Almost Runs Out of Gas After Airport Closure

Pilot tells air traffic controller: 'I don't have 20 minutes'

(Newser) - Federal officials are investigating why an Allegiant Air passenger jet nearly ran out of fuel before landing at an airport that was temporarily closed to most traffic. The Allegiant plane with 144 passengers landed safely last Thursday at Hector International Airport in Fargo, ND, after a flight from Las Vegas.... More »

New Spacecraft Fuel: Urine?

Scientists in Puerto Rico think they've found a way

(Newser) - Getting water and fuel to spacecraft in orbit can get pretty expensive, but a new process could scale that down—simply by recycling urine. The science behind the idea of drinking water that was once pee could provide a more affordable way to not only hydrate astronauts but also fuel... More »

Navy's New Jet Fuel: Seawater?

Researchers use it to power model plane

(Newser) - In the not-too-distant future, the US Navy could be getting some fuel from the very seas it sails on. That's thanks to Navy researchers who say they've figured out a way to convert seawater into jet fuel, the Huffington Post reports. Experts have been working on the idea... More »

3 Injured in Alabama Barge Explosions

Carnival Triumph evacuated

(Newser) - Multiple explosions aboard two fuel barges near Mobile, Ala., led to a major fire last night that left three people critically injured with burns and created a situation so unstable that fire and rescue officials decided to let the fire burn into the night. The injured people were workers with... More »

Tempers Fray as People Brave Cold Without Fuel

Long Islanders protest outside utility company

(Newser) - Superstorm Sandy victims are growing more frustrated as gas-rationing continues in New York and New Jersey, and over 170,000 battle the cold on Long Island without power—nearly two weeks after Sandy landed, Reuters reports. More details:
  • Long Island residents protested outside a utility company for the second straight
... More »

Military to Deliver 24M Gallons of Fuel

White House tries to stem crisis with emergency delivery

(Newser) - Facing political peril and a humanitarian crisis, the White House today approved the Defense Department to deliver 24 million gallons of fuel to the region pummeled by Superstorm Sandy, the New York Times reports. The Defense Department plans to coordinate with FEMA to resupply gas stations where lines seem endless... More »

Air France Crew to Fliers: Could You Chip in for Gas?

Air France plane makes unscheduled Syria landing

(Newser) - Travel nightmare No. 1: Your flight out of Paris makes an unscheduled stop in the volatile capital of ... Syria. And No. 2: Your crew asks passengers to help cover the cost of refueling. That's what happened to Air France Flight 562 on Wednesday, when tensions near its destination—the... More »

Natural Gas Has Potential to Doom Diesel

Some fleets switching to the cheaper alternative

(Newser) - No more diesel-powered trucks on the road? The day is a long way off, but the Wall Street Journal says the surge in natural gas exploration is already prompting some fleets to switch to the cheaper alternative. In the past year, natural gas has become abundant and cheap—the price... More »

Nome's Rare Fuel Delivery Going Smoothly

Snowed-in Alaska city needs gasoline, diesel

(Newser) - A Russian tanker that went on an ocean odyssey of 5,000 miles to deliver fuel to the iced-in city of Nome was offloading the gasoline and diesel in what officials say is smooth sailing so far. Two parallel hoses, 700 yards long each, are stretched between the tanker Renda... More »

Fliers Taken Off Plane to ATMs, Forced to Pay $31K

For fuel or unpaid fees, depending which report you read

(Newser) - Flying: It’s just not what it used to be . The latest example? A plane was grounded in Vienna for six hours as the airline forced passengers to come up with an additional $31,000. Apparently charter airline Comtel is in financial trouble and hadn’t paid "landing fees... More »

Top 5 Electric Car Myths

Common misconceptions about gas-free vehicles

(Newser) - The release of the GM Volt and Nissan Leaf are likely a watershed moment for electric cars, but for those not convinced, Mother Jones has compiled 8 myths about the electric revolution:
  1. Car charging will overload the power grid. The first generation of charging stations will be built with the
... More »

Meet the First Car Made by a 3-D Printer

Urbee combines eco-friendliness with innovative look

(Newser) - Saving the planet just got a lot better-looking: The hybrid Urbee is the first-ever car made using 3-D printers. The firms Stratasys and Kor Ecologic created the vehicle, whose whole exterior is printed by additive manufacturing—printing layer on top of layer until, essentially, a car appears—a method that... More »

Gov't Still Buying Massive Amounts of Fuel From BP

Has contracts worth at least $980M with Pentagon

(Newser) - As BP puts billions of dollars into the Gulf, the US government continues to put millions into its pockets. The Defense Department has maintained its purchase of massive amounts of fuel from the company, even as the Justice Department has launched criminal and civil investigations into the Gulf oil spill.... More »

Here Come Electric Cars— But Cities Aren't Ready

People without driveways or garages have nowhere to charge

(Newser) - If electric cars are ever going to put a meaningful dent in America's fuel habits, cities must start getting proactive now, writes Robert Gammon. Automakers are busy preparing plug-ins for the road, but the logistics of keeping them charged will leave many buyers out of the loop. Specifically, apartment and... More »

Gov't Will Slash Greenhouse Emissions: Obama

Executive order requires federal agencies to reduce waste, conserve energy

(Newser) - Federal agencies have until 2020 to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 28% under an executive order President Obama signed today. The order also calls for improvements in energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. "As the largest energy consumer in the United States, we have a responsibility to... More »

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