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How Scientists Know What Music You Like

Cognitive style is a major predictor of musical taste

(Newser) - Are you an empathizer, preferring to focus on the emotions of those around you, or a systemizer, interested in the patterns and rules of the world? How you answer that question predicts what style of music you like, report University of Cambridge psychologists in the journal PLoS ONE . In fact,... More »

Netflix Has 77K Movie Genres

How one writer deconstructed the site's recommendation engine

(Newser) - Have you ever gotten a really weirdly specific genre suggestion from Netflix? Something like, say, "Mind-bending Cult Horror Movies from the 1980s"? Well, Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic got to wondering just how many genres Netflix had up its sleeve, so he created a script that would spam... More »

'Hasidic Reggae Guy' Matisyahu Stretches Sound

Hasidic reggae singer expands his sound on new CD

(Newser) - Matisyahu Miller is tired of just being the “Hasidic reggae guy,” the singer tells AP. His newest CD, Light, shows a wider range of influences, including guitar rock, electronic pop, and folk. As a Hasidic Jew who sang reggae—complete with Jamaican accent—Matisyahu was a curiosity act... More »

Nora Roberts' Secret to Success: 'Ass in the Chair'

(Newser) - Nora Roberts is the most popular romance writer in America, but it’s not easy being on the top. “People go, ‘Oh, you work six or eight hours a day, oh my God,’” she tells the New Yorker. “‘Well, yeah, how many hours do... More »

4 Stories