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Inside the $3B 'Gossip Machine'

Authorities want to protect privacy, but thwarted by a 'river of cash'

(Newser) - The behemoth gossip industry relentlessly ferrets out any and all scurrilous details about celebrities, churning out "rivers of cash" that amount to about $3 billion a year, and often tossing privacy laws by the wayside, reports the New York Times in a lengthy look. And thanks in part to... More »

Ex's Sister Suspected of Leaking Gibson Tapes

Natalie Grigorieva shopped recordings to tabloids

(Newser) - Authorities suspect Oksana Grigorieva's sister of leaking recordings of Mel Gibson's rants to RadarOnline.com. Natalie Grigorieva is said to have shopped the tapes to various media outlets, but Radar was the only one that agreed to pay up without hearing them first. "I suspect that if the authorities... More »

Mel Threatened Murder-Suicide

Endless drip of Gibson 'news' shows no sign of stopping

(Newser) - The interminable trickle of Mel Gibson gossip continues with the latest shocker leaked to Radar : He allegedly threatened to kill Oksana Grigorieva, her two children, and himself. Grigorieva has reportedly told authorities the threats came during the couple's now-infamous Jan. 6 altercation, during which he supposedly punched her twice in... More »

Gossip Site Broke Labor Laws With Octomom: Calif.

RadarOnline allegedly lacked permit to film minors

(Newser) - California labor officials have cited RadarOnline for breaking labor laws in its coverage of octuplet mom Nadya Suleman, the Los Angeles Times reports. On March 17, the day the first two of the octuplets returned home from the hospital, a crew filmed the infants for the gossip site without first... More »

4 Stories