Night Stalker

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'Night Stalker' Charged in Elderly Rapes

'Gerontophile' attacked women as old as 93

(Newser) - A Londoner has been busted for a host of crimes, including rape, targeting the elderly over the last 17 years. Delroy Grant, 52, appears in court today to face 11 charges of rape, burglary and indecent assault. But police believe he is responsible for some 108 crimes, striking as often... More »

London 'Night Stalker' Strikes Again

(Newser) - Police fear London's "Night Stalker" is on the prowl again after a recent series of burglaries that included at least one sexual assault of an elderly woman, reports the Telegraph. The mystery man is believed to be responsible for some 100 break-ins that have involved sexual assaults of both... More »

2 Stories