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Satellite Pics Show Destruction of Aleppo

Amnesty International: Photos reveal 'relentless bombardment'

(Newser) - Death, from above: Satellite photos of a city at the heart of the Syrian uprising are "emblematic of the relentless bombardment" by government forces, says Amnesty International. Taken earlier this year, the images make destroyed houses in Aleppo look like piles of white powder amid a gray mass—but... More »

Lost Pyramids Spotted From Space

Satellites, infra-red imaging identify more than 1K tombs

(Newser) - An American Egyptologist thinks she’s discovered 17 buried pyramids, more than 1,000 lost tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements, using satellite photos and infra-red imaging. Ancient Egyptian structures were made out of mud brick, which is significantly denser than the surrounding soil, Dr. Sarah Parcak explains in a... More »

Google Shows First Satellite Photos of Post-Quake Japan

Before-and-after views show extent of damage

(Newser) - Google yesterday released its first satellite pictures of Japan taken since Friday's quake, revealing in stark detail before-and-after views of Kamaishi, maps indicating which roads remain passable, and other images of the massive devastation. Google also set up a Picasa gallery full of before-and-after images from around the northeast region... More »

New Images May Show Ancient Martian Lake

(Newser) - New images suggest Mars had a sizable lake on its surface billions of years ago, further evidence that the planet had a watery past. Images snapped by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveal a 30-mile-long canyon where water once flowed and beach remnants surrounding a basin. Dubbed the Shalbatana lake for... More »

4 Stories