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UK Bans Ad Over Too-Skinny Model

Ban came about after a single complaint

(Newser) - If anyone has doubts that the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority reads its complaint mail, this should put that to rest. Per Fashionista , a lone detractor submitted a grievance to the British ad watchdog about a Gucci ad campaign, and now it's banned in the UK—because of... More »

Even 3-Year-Olds Want to Be Thin

Study suggests the desire to be skinny is internalized at a young age

(Newser) - The desire to be thin can implant itself in girls as young as 3, a new study shows. Fifty-five girls between the ages of 3 and 5 were shown three figures, identical except that one was thin, one average, and one fat. When asked to associate positive and negative adjectives... More »

Thin Women Make More Money, Thin Men Make Less

New study shows it pays to be skinny—for ladies

(Newser) - If you want to snag a higher paycheck, get skinny—unless you're a guy, in which case you’d do better to pack on the pounds, according to a new study. The new research shows that employers tend to pay very thin women more than their average-weight counterparts, while very... More »

Men Prefer 'Normal' Weight Women

Pictures of faces give info about subjects' health, too

(Newser) - Celebrity culture and body image issues aside, women of “normal” weight are by far the most attractive to the opposite sex. College-age men asked to rate headshots of their counterparts judged women in the normal weight range more attractive. “This sends a strong message to all the girls... More »

How Thin People Make Other People Fat

New study shows we mimic habits of those whose bodies we aspire to

(Newser) - Existing research suggests those trying to control their food intake should avoid dining with hefty companions with heaping plates. Not quite, says a new study. While the "I'll have what she's having" effect was confirmed in this experiment with college-age women, it was much more pronounced if the person... More »

Why Such Rage at Obesity? Start With 'Self-Loathing'

(Newser) - If so many people are fat in this country, why is there so much venom against the overweight? Part of it can be chalked up to "self-loathing," write Kate Dailey and Abby Ellin in Newsweek. We're conditioned to consider extra pounds unattractive, and we get ticked off when... More »

Add a Little Weight, Gain 6-7 Years: Study

(Newser) - Being a touch on the heavy side could help you live an extra few years, Japanese researchers say. People who were a little overweight at 40 lived 6 to 7 years longer than those who were very thin at that age, AFP reports. The very thin had a life expectancy... More »

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