Boston Tea Party

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Sarah Palin Hosts Boston Tea Party

'We'll keep clinging to our Constitution ... and our guns'

(Newser) - Boston’s one of America’s more liberal ‘bergs, but on the eve of tax day, the Tea Party Express just couldn’t resist a stop in the city that held the original anti-tax rally more than 200 years ago. And with Sarah Palin as the headliner, the rally... More »

10 Protests That Changed History

Iran's post-election storm has these precedents

(Newser) - The post-election storm brewing in Iran prompted LiveScience to round up some of history's most significant protests:
  • A piece of paper nailed to a church door in 1517 sparked the Protestant Revolution.
  • Parisians moved more boldly, beheading the Bastille's governor to spark the French Revolution in 1789.
  • The Boston Tea
... More »

2 Stories