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White Guy Finally Gets Published— as Yi-Fen Chou

Poem really by Michael Derrick Hudson of Fort Wayne, Ind.

(Newser) - "If there is such a thing as employing yellowface in poetry, this has to be it." That's what Korean-American blogger Phil Yu, known as Angry Asian Man , has to say about Michael Derrick Hudson , a white poet whose poem was chosen for The Best American Poetry 2015... More »

Colbert Flips Off Amazon

Comedian makes Hachette beef personal

(Newser) - Amazon has been going to some extraordinary lengths lately to strong-arm publisher Hachette Book Group, and in the process it's made a powerful enemy: Stephen Colbert. Hachette and Amazon have been feuding over e-book pricing, and Amazon has responded by delaying shipments of Hachette's books and making them... More »

Ill. Parents Seek to Ban Award-Winning Novel

Language, sex in Alexie book inappropriate for high schoolers

(Newser) - Parents at an Illinois high school are trying to get Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian taken off the summer reading list, and out of the school’s library, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I can’t imagine anyone finding this book appropriate for 13-... More »

3 Stories